30 Dec 2010

Mojo activater and great prizes!

I've been a bit slack lately with my scrapbooking layouts and so I joined the Soul Scrappers Glee Club which has it's first challenge on the 22 Jan 2011. There's a points score for each challenge and a bonus if you enter all challenges. There's also a few other ways to earn points for the final totals too and to do this you need to sign up before 20 Jan 2011. With 6 challenges over 12 weeks this should be fun!

20 Dec 2010

Fat Quarters Giveaway!!

Retromummy is giving away 2 FQ packs in the Flower Sugar range :). She's drawing the winners on New Year's Day so visit here to see them and enter the giveaway.

19 Dec 2010

FNSI with a difference

If you've come over from Stitchin' time welcome to my other creative hobby that caters to the closet artist in me, lol.

I've not long received a dragonfly embossing die and I just had to try it out. I felt the card fronts were too bland with just the embossing so I decided to paint the little bugs with Luminarte H2Os but the photo doesn't show the shine on the wings. I'll keep one and the other 2 will be put in with other cards as Christmas gifts.

The card below is one I made a while ago but wasn't happy with it as it needed 'something', so I added the butterfly. Sorry about the dull photos, folks.

Lol, can you tell I was 'bugged' by the last minute addition to my weekend?!

FNSI and Advent Swap

I didn't sew as I hadn't bought material for the quilt and I couldn't start anything else because dh brought home a little visitor, in the form of a nephew - for the weekend! It would have been nice if he'd asked me first. So for the FNSI visitors you'll have to jump over to my other blog as I decided to make a few cards instead.
Now here's some more gifts in the Advent Swap. From Clare to me:

In the background is the Aboriginal print shopping bag with it's little case on the foldout storage box. Shopping pad on left, emery boards on right and the scented sachet leaning on the box.

From me to Trish:
Self threading needles; embroidery floss; bag of buttons; laces and ribbons; lavender bath soap.

Thanks for looking !

18 Dec 2010

A winged giveaway

MissyMack has this u-beaut new computer and she's back online but she missed being in the SMS giveaways so she's having her own. There's 2 prizes and the gorgeous Heather Ross Seagull fabric features in both and for 1st prize it's teamed with a Cinderberry Stitches pattern. I'd like to be selfish and not tell anyone else but it is that time of year and it would be a lovely giveaway to win :). Fly over there now and put in your entry as it's only open until 9am AEDST 19 Dec.

11 Dec 2010


Here's what I did last night. Any comments welcome as this is my first quilt and true to form I'm 'freelancing' instead of doing it from a pattern!! Lol, I can't help myself. This was originally a fabric book but I just liked the theme for my grandson as he helps his Pop and his Dad a lot.
Caught myself out last night as I thought I had more strips cut for the sashing/borders but when I went on a search for it I discovered that I had used that red for something else and hadn't replaced it yet! Looks like I'll be at the fabric shop on Monday.
I had to trim the blocks again as the pattern isn't quite even but at least I've made a start *smile*. The finished quilt should be about 36" x 46". Is that big enough for a 3 year old boy to wrap himself in or should I add a second border and make it 40 x 50? 

Advent Scrapbooking

There's been a bit of an overlap in my crafts with the Forum Advent Swap so for those of you who drop in here to have a look, and because my internet and blogger are e.x.t.r.a. slow today, you'll have to view the sticky notes holder and the gift tags photos here.

In future the gift tags will definitely have a 'Tim' influence ;P!

Advent 2010 - gifts sent

Here are the gifts Trish has received from me up to the 10 December.
Days 1 to 5 -Mini Christmas stockings to put the candy canes in she received on day 2, Christmas candles, Handmade gift tags and Stick-it notes in a handmade magnetic note holder.
The gift tags were only posted Thursday as I didn't realise they'd fallen out of the bag and were under the car seat. Poor Trish thought she'd lost a gift!

Day 6 to 10 - A bookmark, a pen, shopping pad, tin of fruit candies (lol, there seems to be a pattern here - see previous posts!) and a car shaped key ring/retractable tape measure.

10 Dec 2010

Advent 2010

I've been slack with posting these but as Geniene at Renny and Me and Isaac too is already posting hers I thought I should do so as well. This is part of the Christmas Advent Swap 2010 which started out at the previous forum site but in future will be at Our Craft Forum.
These are the gifts I have received from Clare's Craftroom so far
Days 1 to 5 - Box of choccies, Christmas cross stitch, party frock decoration, blue glittery diary and a friendship bag - you can read the contents of this from the photo below :)!
I also opened one of the 'extra' presents that Clare enclosed and it was her Sewing Machine Apron pattern. Yippee!! I was going to buy one of these when the silly season was over but now it's really special as it was received as a gift.

I really adore this *big smile*

 Days 6 to 10 - Tiny whisk, jar of striped paper clips, tin of fruit candies,  hand/tea towel and silver 'Joy' hanging decoration, Australian penny keyring and a cat notepad. The 'extra' this time was 'A Paris *flower*' glazed metal plaque.

Thank you so much Clare for these thoughtful gifts!

Our Craft Forum

You'll see there's a new button on my sidebar. My current status on this forum doesn't tell the whole story as I've been a member since 2007. I couldn't have said it any better than Miss~Nance  so go there to see why we're sporting a new button on our blogs and I hope to see you on Our Craft Forum :).

8 Dec 2010

More Tim...

Judith has posted pics, to date, of the previously mentioned tags so for those of you who look in here that have slow/limited internet pop over to her blog and you can 'ooh and aah' with us and decide if you want to visit Tim's blog for more inspiration and how to's. Don't forget to leave a nice comment for Judith for doing this for us :).

Have a look at the other crafty things Judith does too!

4 Dec 2010


Another blog I follow mentioned Tim Holtz 12 days of Christmas Tags and I thought it would just be another 'hey, buy my stuff' blog. However,  he does say use whatever you have and some of his ideas so far are both time and expense saving....just what you need at the end of the year. These methods can be applied to cards too and I'm going to try some on my scrapbook pages. He's been doing the 12 tags of Christmas since 2007 so I'm going to backtrack (when I have time which will probably be 2011!) and have a look at his earlier efforts as I've already learnt new things and I'm impressed.

Those who know me know what a sceptic I can be and scrapbooking techniques, like quilting, are repeated by 'everyone' but I think I'll keep following Tim as I've already gained new ideas and new knowledge in only 3 days and I just like this guy's style.

Visit Tim here and see what you think.

3 Dec 2010

FNSI - Christmas gift catchup

I've just joined FNSI for the 10 December as there seem to be many of us who are still madly creating Christmas gifts rather than buying commercial ones. There's going to be 2 FNSI's this month (told you we were trying to catch up!) and the one after this one is happening on the 17 Dec.
If you want to join in the creative crafty fun with Heidi, Bobby and the rest of us just click on the link in the right sidebar.

27 Nov 2010

Silver Friday

I like nature and these are silver things I have the pleasure of seeing on a regular basis so I thought I'd share :D.
I know it's Saturday but better late than never!

23 Nov 2010

Photo update

A few snaps of things I've been doing

Hooded baby towel and matching facecloth for my new step-granddaughter.

Sneak Peek of some Christmas gifts I've made.

And a giveaway I've received from Gail , minus the sewing companion as I forgot to take a photo of everything together before UniDD claimed it amd whizzed off south again! Looovvvee buttons and laces/ribbons ...and the bookmark :).

14 Nov 2010

Possible baby quilt fabrics??

Retromummy is having a giveaway of some gorgeous Rosalie Quinlan fabric that would look great in my new granddaughter's room. There's flowers, dots, stripes and you can see them and enter the competition here :D!
Lol, and I don't spend all my blog time on searching out giveaways I just haven't put any photos of the things I'm working on on my computer lately ;P.

3 Nov 2010


sewing, though I have made some more cards but I don't seem to have the mental energy or the time to do layouts. Also need to make time to take photos and load them onto the computer.

With Christmas nearing I need to organise some presents for my Mum in the form of a stack of cards so she always has some handy, my sister who scraps/makes cards but doesn't have a die cutter so I send her a diecut pack of new alphas and things, and a mixed lot of the items mentioned for someone else!

Blogtoberfest Win and Christmas things and babies!

A few posts back I mentioned this giveaway on Gail's blog and I've won it :). Waiting to see which ones I'm sent!
I've been making things for Christmas and as some of them are for an Advent swap I don't like to show them here before the receiver has a chance to look at them. There will be sneak peeks when I take photos though as I don't think my partner blogs.
I've also become a Nana again to a beautiful little girl a few days ago and when I remember to take my camera with me there will be a photo of her too :P.

27 Oct 2010

November FNSI with Me and My Sisters

I've just signed up for this one as it's always fun looking at what others create and being part of it but also Heidi and Bobbi are being sponsored by Me and My Sisters Designs and I love the designs on these fabrics. Follow the link on the side bar to sign up by 19 November as there's probably a few Christmas presents you should be working on, just like me ;P.

19 Oct 2010

Feathered Friends

These are my treasures today. Whether you like vibrant colour or black and white they're all lovely. Some feathered friends who like to visit us when they're hungry, have been driven off course by storms or just need a holiday from their usual haunts! Top is a cheeky Rainbow Lorikeet then left to right, top to bottom in the second set are a Royal Spoonbill, Australian Magpie, Black Necked Crane (more commonly known by it's indigenous name in Oz - which is Jabiru), Little Cormorant and a group of Straw-necked Ibis (Ibises?). In the bottom pic the only only one who doesn't swim is the Magpie.
To find more Tuesday Treasures visit Clare's Craftroom :).

16 Oct 2010

Great Giveaway at Gail's

Drop in to here to have a chance to win some lovely items in a Blogtoberfest giveaway. I'd really like one of Gail's great fibre bookmarks but I wouldn't say no to the other things she's also giving away! C'mon, the more followers the more prizes :D.

8 Oct 2010

Aaaaaarrrrrgggghhhhhhh I HATE this!!!!!!!

Every time I start to work out how to operate all the little gizmos on blogger, Google changes it. I am IT challenged and it really p****s me off that I have to keep relearning this. I also have limited download and because of where I am it can be expensive so I did not appreciate going to my dashboard and discovering it covered in pictures from other blogs when all I need is a list to give me the first couple of sentences so I can decide if I want to look at a particular blog that day. As the 'new' look loaded itself in dribs and drabs it took about 15 minutes before I could find where to get rid of the pics and stop blogger marking the blogs as read if I scrolled past them :@! That was a pain in the A...

If there's not many posts in the near future, my sincere apologies, it's because they keep changing stuff and I can't learn it fast enough :(.

Hopefully I'll figure out the basics before FNSI on the 17 October.

28 Sep 2010

Tuesday's Treasures

This treasure was given to me by my ex MIL about 20 years ago. She knew I loved horses and adored the Lipizzaners and their beautiful dressage moves so when she went back to Austria to see her family she bought this for me from the gift shop at the Riding School when she went with a friend to see the horses/riders practice. It is made of china and now has a slightly chipped ear where one of the kids bumped the display cabinet years ago and it fell over. I'm not quite sure of the translation of the words Wien - Hofteitschule on the base... definitely Vienna and I think the rest is Horse School. Any help from blog visitors with translation would be much appreciated :).
 Visit  Clare's craftroom to view more Tuesday Treasures.

24 Sep 2010

Everything's Black and White ...

Well almost.

I've been trying out some new ideas for the cards I'm making for a local market stall in October. I'm going to make some others in different colour combinations with the black and a few Halloween cards might be a good idea as well, along with my usual styles of cards. The base card is pearlised black so the top cards are showing up greyish because of the light reflecting off them.


What do these letters mean? Go here to find out :). Have a look at all the other wonderful stuff while you're there.

Nip 'n' Tuck?

Shameless recently had a facelift and though it wasn't exactly a nip 'n' tuck, more like a tuck 'n' stitch or a 'nose job', she definitely has a cuter face and doesn't look quite so sheepish about her sheepish face :).

19 Sep 2010

Hot potato!!

Vicki is having a pattern giveaway on her blog but there are a few rules involved. Fortunately they're easy ones and the 'prize' is a beaut little wallet pattern you can have as long as you have a blog giveaway to pass it on within the month :). Pretty easy, huh? Nip over there and check it out!

17 Sep 2010


Lol, I shouldn't set myself times to finish things as something else always happens. Anyway Shameless is finished but I'll have to work on her expression as it doesn't seem quite right. I think the head needs shortening or the face needs lengthening as the nose looks odd. What does everyone think?


the sheep should be stuffed, stitched, 'seeing' and 'smelling' before FNSI tonight as I really want to make her some smaller siblings for Lucky's huggles collection. I called her 'Shameless' as this is my first try at designing a stuffed toy and what was meant to be 'cute' turned out a bit wonky in places and about 2" longer and an inch or so higher than originally intended and a lot wider, both ways. I also discovered 4 legged stuffed toys use lots more stuffing than 2 legged ones :O!!

Check back around 7.30pm for more than a sneak peek :D.

14 Sep 2010

Tuesday's Treasures

One of these may seem a funny thing to class as a treasure but if you are a horse person you'd know. Lol, I bred both of these at around the same time, as I fell pregnant with youngest daughter and had a little mare here who was quiet but that I couldn't ride while I was pregnant so I bred my unborn baby her own horse. She was born end of March and he was born end of August in 1999 so they've grown up together. Anyone can ride this horse but he goes best for DD and for me, as I raised him and trained him and she was his playmate. He thinks he's human and the bugger has walked into the house to knick an apple off the bench before and he's also bombproof which is essential in a kid's horse :). My two treasures often go off together to chase cows or train racehorses with Dad and in Summer they like to be in the dam!
Visit Clare's Craft Room to see some more Tuesday treasures.

11 Sep 2010

Wedding and things

My forum friend Geniene is madly finishing a quilt for a wedding gift for one of her friends and she asked me to make her a card, probably as she's so busy quilting she doesn't have time to find a suitable one :P. I did some searching on the net and found a tri-shutter card at splitcoast stampers and thought it would be perfect. The video I originally viewed showed a simpler card so I followed that idea and as Geniene had sent me some epoxy stickers and some rub ons to decorate it with I had lots to work with! As I don't usually do wedding cards and it normally takes me ages to mentally design something new I was surprised that when I had all the makings scattered over the table some things just stood out as belonging together, so I put them aside, cleared a working space and came up with this..........

Top photo is front of card and bottom photo is opened out. Card also free stands quite well because of the design so it would be good for many special occasions, particularly if you had a photo to go in the centre block.

I'm quite chuffed with this :D!! Pity the poor light didn't show off the colours better as the base card is actually a nice burgundy colour

3 Sep 2010


Fee is holding a free BOM at the moment and she is also having a block giveaway with the fabric to complete all blocks. I'm going to give this a try as I've never done a BOM and I've also put my entry in for the giveaway :).

24 Aug 2010

Tuesday Treasures

This watch belonged to my Great Grandmother, Bertha Matilda, and was given to her by her husband George but I can't recall which important occasion it was a gift for - wedding, birthday or birth of a child. It is rose gold and has had a lot of use as it has little scratches and dents on it as Bertha believed in using things not letting them sit in a drawer waiting for a special occasion to wear them. It doesn't function anymore and I haven't enquired about having it repaired yet but one day, I just may be an eccentric and wear a working wind up watch again as Great Grandma Bertha liked to be different :)!

21 Aug 2010

Not much to show for a month

Ta-dah here's my completed mystery item. The  first photo is the top and second photo is the base. I've been calling it my 'Hat Head starfish' as the materials remind me of that location.
 It's a small wonder pincushion and I don't have a link but it's from the May/June 1997 issue of Quiltmaker magazine. Here are the other things I've done in 4 weeks that I should have posted earlier.
This is a needlecase made using Leanne Beasley's embroidery pattern from the Leanne's House Couch Companion. It is my first big embroidery effort and was done for a designer forum swap. I was pleased with how it turned out but I should have tried something with straighter lines for a first major project!
The quilt label below was quick to do but I had a mental blank and just couldn't think of something suitable to send my partner, Jeanette, so it arrived late. Lol, I did the template from a scrapbooking stamp I have so I guess I'll be mixing the 2 hobbies a bit in the future.

Robyn Louise.

18 Aug 2010

Stitching and faux stitching

I've never stitched anything but buttons on cards and layouts before so to just stitch, or decorate something like it is stitched, is a new direction for me.

As the layout had to have real stitching on it I scrapped my sewing then bordered it with stitching. Seemed logical to me at the time!

This card was made with the thought of sending it to a quilting friend so the challenge sketch became a quilter's table with fat quarters stacked on one side and 'pinked', basted (faux stitching using a gel pen) pieces of fabric across the other with ribbon and 'calico' looking pieces, topped by a flower. The dimensional effect is a bit lost in this photo.

The little pockets inside were my own addition. Lol, I didn't crop that photo very well :p.

Just to top it off I won prizes with each of them on different sites :).

17 Aug 2010

Fabric Scraps box arrival!

I forgot to post earlier that I received my box of fabric scraps from Cyndi yesterday and was quite delighted with it. There's some really 'sheepy' looking fabric there that will make some nice stuffed toys. Lots of dotty pieces, striped lots and some novelty and floral fabrics as well as some that I'm calling 'scrapbook' fabric because the patterns remind me of scrapbooking papers I've seen!
I'll have to take a photo tomorrow after my quilting group and put it here >>

Tuesday Treasures

I finally remembered! This little chair was made for me by my much loved Grandfather about a year before he died. He covered it with bright red vinyl. I was 3 years old when he gave it to me. The frame is curved, welded steel. My step-father recovered it for my eldest daughter when she was 4. He couldn't find a similar red colour to the original so he chose this nice maroon. It has also been used by my youngest daughter. My eldest daughter will inherit it as I know she will look after it and treasure it as it was made with love and repaired with love.

14 Aug 2010

FNSI again!

Oh dear I still haven't finished the last item so I'll have to do that as I want to start (finish??) something new this time. Geniene has probably discovered what my mystery item is by now it's been there so long, lol. I must finish it and post a pic before this FNSI. Follow the link if you want to join us :).

Sunrise, Sunset

I wasn't going to have 'old' layouts on here but I'm a sucker for sunrises and sunsets and I did a recent layout on a sunrise as part of a Winter 'likes' challenge so I thought it wouldn't look right without posting the sunset as well. The sunset photo was taken in Summer 2009 and the sunrise, obviously, in Winter 2010. However, no artist will ever match what nature achieves every day :).


10 Aug 2010

More Challenges

I do lots of my scrapping pages from layouts in challenges. If I have a dead line I'm more likely to scrap the photos and as I'm still new to scrapping I can always find a photo/s that I think will fit the layout. It's even better if I have a bit of carte blanche on it as then I can add my own style into it as well.  Having done some more scrapping and charged the camera batteries yesterday, I woke up to find it's raining....again... and the light is terrible :(. I don't feel up to the challenge of trying to take a good photo on a day like this. As I'm still learning to use the manual settings on my digi camera posting photos will have to wait as the camera is still 'doing it's own thing' and I'm not happy with the photos I'm taking.

New blog plus a bag giveaway

Jill over at J.Rae Designs has an Etsy store and she sells bags. Very colourful bags, very nice! To celebrate her new blog and new enterprise she is giving away a bag but you'd best be quick as Friday the 13th (insert horror movie music here) August is when the giveaway closes.

1 Aug 2010

Another giveaway!

Just checking out Lucky's blog and spied a post that Stash Manicure is also having a Moda fabric giveaway plus a quilting book by Heather Mulder Peterson. My name's entered.....who could resist the chance for free fabric to expand their stash and a quilting book too ? : )

p.s. i quilt giveaway

Rachel, of p.s. i quilt, is having a sponsor giveaway of a delicious Moda 1933 jelly roll. Fresh looking flowers, dots, spots and stripes. Hurry over there before you miss out on a chance to win this!

31 Jul 2010

Giveaway win :)

I found out this morning that I was one of the winners in a quilting fabric scraps giveaway on Cyndi's blog! Can't wait to see what fabrics are in it.  Hmm, better stop thinking about what I can use it for until after the parcel arrives and I know exactly what I have :P. I will need some toy stuffing though.

26 Jul 2010

Yeay, I have my background again!

Finally figured out how to restore my fairy dust pattern. I really disliked the plain mauve colour. Thanks Leanne and Dawn for the tips about removing the floating photobucket symbol :).

25 Jul 2010

Can you guess what this is....?

or at least what it's going to be. Had to do a little 'frogging' last night 'ripit, ripit....' as I mucked up a seam. First time I've done this pattern and had to read the instructions a few times and it obviously didn't sink in. I think I work better with videos as seeing it is sometimes easier than reading about it. Ha, ha, now Geniene can stop nagging me :). Off visiting today and this place was like Pitt Street yesterday there were so many phone calls and visitors.

24 Jul 2010

Friday Night Sew In 2

Lol, thought I'd better post that I had "one of those nights" with a sick kid because Geniene is watching me :P Daughter survived, but no sewing was done so I've been working on it this morning while I'm home alone :)! I was going to do some more on an overdue swap but the project's future owner may drop by and that would spoil the surprise so I'll stick to the original plan of Christmas items. Hoping to put a picture up later today.

22 Jul 2010

Challenge Layouts

This is a layout I entered to do with something you are comfortable with in your life at Soul Scrappers. I'll just have to line up the journaling a bit better :P.

17 Jul 2010

3 months of cards

Here's some cards I've made over the last 3 months. There would be more but I've given some to Mum as a present and sent off at least one recently that I forgot to take photos of as the days they were made were too dull to take decent photos. Oops.

Hmm, blogger's going to play silly buggers with me so just keep in mind that the photos are here in backwards order :P.  I've been trying a few new methods so left above is framing and 3D embellishments and right above is another sort of framing and the heart is stuffed with lavender so it's a different type of 3D. The heart was a failed caring heart block so I recycled it by cutting it out (leaving a 1/4" border around it), slitting the back, stuffing it, closing the slit with running stitch and then after I'd cut the heart hole in the card front I glued the heart, by the border, to the back of the heart hole (inside the card) cut in the card front and affixed another piece of cardstock over the back of this with double sided tape to cover it up and make it look tidy. Oops, the strip of lace is affixed with double sided tape to the inside front edge of the card before you put the backing cardstock over the heart. It's a bit difficult to see but the lace is light blue.

I made another of these for my Mum for Mother's Day with a different title and she loved it :).

These were an experiment in multiple stamping with one stamp design and various colours. Both titles are stamped and heat embossed with clear embossing powder. There is a 3D gel sticker on Celebrate card and a layered paper flower with rhinestone flower as centre on Happy Day card.

An earlier cutting, layering and 3D session produced these. Lol, one of them just went off to Geniene without a photo being taken and with a small addition on it for Renny's amusement...because she likes them. I'll have to see if I can obtain a photo as it's my first of that type of card and I like to keep the photos in my computer album to refer to later. I also want to try that one with fabric embellies and ribbon as I think it would look terrific.

Layout photos will be here early next week so stay tuned ;).

15 Jul 2010

Friday Night Sew In

Oh Yay, my little google glitch which usually won't let me add these gadgets is behaving itself tonight and I've managed to put Handmade by Heidi's Friday Night Sew In button on my blog.
I wonder if I start Christmas Advent things, now, will I amass enough to be happy to join the forum swap??? Will have to check how many Fridays before September :).
Lol, 2nd bonus is I've discovered how to do links so anyone who wants to join us can just click and they'll be there!
This is a nice closing to a crummy week.

p.s. Thanks Karen and Geniene.

Catching up

I've been remiss not to keep this updated as I have some cards and a layout, at least, that should be on here. There's also some prizes I won that I wanted to show off. Lol, they were random draws so it's not as if they were judged on my scrapping abilities :P.

Had some weather problems with photo taking and then when I went to post realized the photos were still on the camera and batteries needed recharging :(. That's when I tossed it in and thought I'd do it another time. Well... the other time is still arriving and I think it will be within the next week so stay tuned :).

Winter is depressing......

I thought I'd better make the effort to at least try to keep to a fortnightly post even though I'm more inclined to just veg out or stay in bed. I'm in a slump at the moment so off to the Doc next week to see if he can straighten me out.
I've finally sorted out something for a 10th blogger prize so it will be in the mail  shortly.

28 Jun 2010

10th Follower!

Just blog hopping and thought I'd check on my own blog and discovered I'd gained  a couple of followers in the last 2 days. Wow, 10 followers, makes me feel special that these people want to look at my blog :).
So..... just on a whim because I'm excited I thought I'd send out a little gift to Geniene for bringing my count into double numbers. Lol, now to find something suitable tomorrow before I surprise her.

14 Jun 2010


Here is the monochromatic layout I did for a challenge. It had to be done on flowers, which could be any colours, but the background, embellishments etc had to be tones of the same colour. I already had photos of the water lilies from summer so I decided to use those and I chose the lilac as I already had a pad of amethyst (or lilac) papers I'd collected somewhere that I hadn't found a use for yet. Glad I live on a farm as there's always something to inspire me to sew or scrap :).


I've decided to keep the background as it looks sort of like our farm and it's not a fussy background with lots of items in it.

Lately I've joined a group called the Soul Scrappers and I've joined in with 2 swaps and a challenge. The swaps were ATC's  (Artist Trading Cards) and having never done a paper ATC I was quite pleased with my first tries.

These are other views to show more details.

26 May 2010

Giveaway by Jenny of ELEFANTZ

I was blogger browsing this morning and followed a link from Tozz's Corner to Jenny's blog as there was mention of a giveaway. I'm not usually into giveaways and these fabrics are not my normal choice of design but I could just see a lovely bag for my Mum or maybe a table runner for my DIL with these incorporated. There's also a free pattern - you can never have enough patterns as you never know when you will need that particular pattern.....bit like fabric, hey :P!
This is the button for this great giveaway but if it's supposed to link to the site then I've mucked it up somehow :(.
Thanks Jenny! Thank you too Vicki for putting it on your blog :).

8 May 2010


Well this is an improvement but before I make it permanent by changing the title colours etc I'll see if there's a complete background as these column ones involve tampering with your display settings so you can see them, which then affects all your display settings. Lol, I'm on another learning curve here!

For those who would like to become followers could you please wait until I decide  on a final background as each time it's changed it removes previous gadgets and I'm not savvy enough with this to know how to retain them. Thanks!

More Potholders

Finally remembered to photograph the one I gave Mum...she hasn't used it yet!! She said it's too good to use, now where have I heard that before :P? If Leanne hadn't specified pumpkins this would have been the replacement.
This is a crazy quilting one which is meant to depict the area I live in. Well I know it is and that's all that matters :). There's a few fabrics in this that Juliet sent me. Thanks Juliet! I'm acquiring the ability to machine embroider neatly. Both potholders are 8" square.

The last one is one I made using the tube method but I halved the sizing as I thought I could always make it bigger for my needs but it would have been difficult to downsize it. This is 7" square to keep the dimensions correct.