29 Jun 2011


Hi there, I came across another blog this morning where the blogger was having trouble turning fabric tubes. Having been lucky all these years to own a loop turner or 2 ('mislayed' the first one so had to buy another, then of course I found the first one again!) I thought I'd post a photo so all you people can stop going 'loopy' over the time wasted turning loops *cheeky smile*. It's easier to explain to someone in a shop exactly what you want if you've seen it.


27 Jun 2011

So many things, so little time!

Hello, slack blogging time again! I’ve been researching and that means quite a few hours on the computer because of my ISP and the system. Unfortunately I have the quickest responses and downloads in the middle of the night, and less family interruptions, so I’m a bit ‘pop eyed’ at the moment L.
I have been making things though and here’s some items I should already have posted:

The dishcloth I made for my swap partner in Down to Earth's dishcloth swap

Much better than my practice effort J
The lovely knitted one I received from my swap partner, Mim, adore the lacey edges!

And a purse/wallet I made using my friend Cyndi’s pattern. It’s not in my colours so it will probably be given to my Mum to sell on the Pensioner’s Hall trading table.

I'm quite enjoying trying out new things but I'll have to remember to blog more often!


24 Jun 2011

On My Mind....Rosellas

These little feathered friends are a bit late this year as they are usually here around late March and through April. They are Crimson Rosellas, also known as Crimson Parrot, Red Lowry or what a lot of the older bush folk call them - Mountain Lowry. These photos don't do their beautiful blue wings and tail justice as they were taken late in the afternoon and these little guys are a bit camera shy unlike their cousins the Rainbow Lorikeets.

They are found mainly in eastern NSW and the lower half of Victoria. I love the way they brighten up the lemon scented gum like huge flowers :)!

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19 Jun 2011

More Strawberry Fields...

Forgot to add that Shawna is giving away 4 of these FQ bundles!! Don't miss out!

Strawberry Fields to give away!

Shawna over at 1choice 4 Quilting is not only giving away 16 FQ's of this in a choice of Fig Tree Cream, Fig Tree Olive or Fig Tree Wheat she is also adding 2 yards of matching Bella Solids to go with it.
As if that isn't enough she is also having a special Moda vinyl coated tote bag giveaway for followers who blog about the giveaways with a choice of 3 different bag designs!!
I've entered these fabulous giveaways and I may learn a few tips about blogging on the blogging tutorial coming up. I need all the help I can find :P.
Oh, there's currently 20% off everything in the store there at the moment with an additional 10% extra off Bella Solids it you use the coupon code mentioned.
Whip over there now and have a look at these yummy fabrics :D.


18 Jun 2011

FNSI - a start on the gifts

I've been meaning to try this out for a while and I discovered it's quite easy to make hanging hand towels :).
There's one for me - the one at the back so you can't see the boo boos- and two for gifts. I'll be on the lookout for towels on sale that have designs on them now as there will be ric rac and other little decorations on future ones.

One of these will be going to a male which is why they are more functional than fashionable.

Thanks for looking,

16 Jun 2011

and the winner is......

Ta - daaaa.....

Congratulations Liz!

There may be a slight delay in posting while the water recedes from our 
area but I'm sure Mother Nature will be over her PMS in about a week!


10 Jun 2011

On My Mind..... art fabrics and art quilt

I didn’t have anything to post for this today until DH came in with the mail that he’d collected at the PO on his way home.

YAY, the giveaway I’d won from Quilt Routes in the Sew Mama Sew May giveaway month had arrived! These materials are gorgeous and what you can’t see in the photo is the glitter throughout some of the fabrics and the variety of colour. It will be so difficult to use the larger pieces as when they are opened out they are a picture in themselves with all the tones and sparkles.
The coloured scrim at the right back of the photo will most likely end up on scrapbooking pages, cards and beyond the page projects like treasure boxes and mini albums.
The art quilt I’ll do as a winter project and  you’ll have to wait to see those fabrics in the finished project J.
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The giveaway I am holding is in my previous post.

8 Jun 2011

49 is an odd number....

...but I was going to have a giveaway as I'd noticed last week I had 49 followers and later this year I will be 49.
As I now have 50 followers I'm still having a giveaway but don't expect me to have another birthday this year too!

The fabric pictured is 4 fat quarters but they are a mix of imperial and metric. There's a metre of each colour ric rac.

To be in the draw for these you have to
1.    be, or become, a follower as I'm celebrating actually having 50 people who are interested enough in my blog to receive regular updates and 
2.    leave a comment on this post 

All followers included so I'd like to see some comments from overseas here too :D!
This giveaway will be open until midnight (Australian Eastern Standard Time) Wednesday 15 June, 2011.

Thanks for following!


6 Jun 2011

Bags and snakes

Thought that title would grab your attention!

At UniDD’s request I’ve been making her some door snakes as she can’t find any where she lives and is tired of tucking a towel under the door. To make the postage worthwhile I thought I may as well add a few more items so I’ve been indulging my current bag fetish and started off with something easy – shopping totes. I modified a blue purchased supermarket bag, made one from a heavy calico I had, to carry cans in, and then decided to convert a little dress of hers from 15 years ago that has also been worn by DD12.  
With a strip of calico as a strap backing I think it looks fabulous.

I need to buy some ribbon for tea towels and handtowels I want to send for her kitchen. There will also be a few other items already made that are in my gifts box - potholders, oven gloves, a crocheted dishcloth and whatever else I think she might like and use. Lol, think I’ll make a special card and send it as a Christmas in July (almost) package!


3 Jun 2011

On My Mind...on the Wings of an Eagle

Hoping this feathered friend returns with it's mate and that next time they fly a bit lower and hang around long enough for me to grab the tripod and set it up. I've lived here 13 years and whenever I've spied these Wedgetail Eagles they've been too far away for a good photo shot or I haven't had a camera with a zoom lens attached.

Love owls and eagles :D.

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Thanks for looking and have a wonderful weekend :D


1 Jun 2011


I discovered I could change my blog name as well as it's appearance so I did! What started as a scrapping blog will now encompass my other interests of drawing and photography as well as anything that takes my fancy that you can do with the objects in the title.

Op-shopping goodies

A week or so ago I was wandering through through one of the op-shops and spotted something I just had to have, besides fabric that is! I couldn't fit it in my little car so my parents delivered to me last weekend. It will take a little work and a few modifications for my machine to fit but for $20 I couldn't just leave it there.

And of course here is the fabric I just couldn't leave there
The green and green stripe at the rear I think is ticking and each piece is 2.5m x 1.5m. A bargain at $3 a piece and definitely becoming bags. The tablerunner and doilies I'm not sure what to do with yet as there's a few options in my head and the embroideries on the front 2 pieces I just loved though I'm not sure how to remove the yellow stains from the damask and as it is in quite good order otherwise it seems a shame to waste it.