30 Dec 2010

Mojo activater and great prizes!

I've been a bit slack lately with my scrapbooking layouts and so I joined the Soul Scrappers Glee Club which has it's first challenge on the 22 Jan 2011. There's a points score for each challenge and a bonus if you enter all challenges. There's also a few other ways to earn points for the final totals too and to do this you need to sign up before 20 Jan 2011. With 6 challenges over 12 weeks this should be fun!

20 Dec 2010

Fat Quarters Giveaway!!

Retromummy is giving away 2 FQ packs in the Flower Sugar range :). She's drawing the winners on New Year's Day so visit here to see them and enter the giveaway.

19 Dec 2010

FNSI with a difference

If you've come over from Stitchin' time welcome to my other creative hobby that caters to the closet artist in me, lol.

I've not long received a dragonfly embossing die and I just had to try it out. I felt the card fronts were too bland with just the embossing so I decided to paint the little bugs with Luminarte H2Os but the photo doesn't show the shine on the wings. I'll keep one and the other 2 will be put in with other cards as Christmas gifts.

The card below is one I made a while ago but wasn't happy with it as it needed 'something', so I added the butterfly. Sorry about the dull photos, folks.

Lol, can you tell I was 'bugged' by the last minute addition to my weekend?!

FNSI and Advent Swap

I didn't sew as I hadn't bought material for the quilt and I couldn't start anything else because dh brought home a little visitor, in the form of a nephew - for the weekend! It would have been nice if he'd asked me first. So for the FNSI visitors you'll have to jump over to my other blog as I decided to make a few cards instead.
Now here's some more gifts in the Advent Swap. From Clare to me:

In the background is the Aboriginal print shopping bag with it's little case on the foldout storage box. Shopping pad on left, emery boards on right and the scented sachet leaning on the box.

From me to Trish:
Self threading needles; embroidery floss; bag of buttons; laces and ribbons; lavender bath soap.

Thanks for looking !

18 Dec 2010

A winged giveaway

MissyMack has this u-beaut new computer and she's back online but she missed being in the SMS giveaways so she's having her own. There's 2 prizes and the gorgeous Heather Ross Seagull fabric features in both and for 1st prize it's teamed with a Cinderberry Stitches pattern. I'd like to be selfish and not tell anyone else but it is that time of year and it would be a lovely giveaway to win :). Fly over there now and put in your entry as it's only open until 9am AEDST 19 Dec.

11 Dec 2010


Here's what I did last night. Any comments welcome as this is my first quilt and true to form I'm 'freelancing' instead of doing it from a pattern!! Lol, I can't help myself. This was originally a fabric book but I just liked the theme for my grandson as he helps his Pop and his Dad a lot.
Caught myself out last night as I thought I had more strips cut for the sashing/borders but when I went on a search for it I discovered that I had used that red for something else and hadn't replaced it yet! Looks like I'll be at the fabric shop on Monday.
I had to trim the blocks again as the pattern isn't quite even but at least I've made a start *smile*. The finished quilt should be about 36" x 46". Is that big enough for a 3 year old boy to wrap himself in or should I add a second border and make it 40 x 50? 

Advent Scrapbooking

There's been a bit of an overlap in my crafts with the Forum Advent Swap so for those of you who drop in here to have a look, and because my internet and blogger are e.x.t.r.a. slow today, you'll have to view the sticky notes holder and the gift tags photos here.

In future the gift tags will definitely have a 'Tim' influence ;P!

Advent 2010 - gifts sent

Here are the gifts Trish has received from me up to the 10 December.
Days 1 to 5 -Mini Christmas stockings to put the candy canes in she received on day 2, Christmas candles, Handmade gift tags and Stick-it notes in a handmade magnetic note holder.
The gift tags were only posted Thursday as I didn't realise they'd fallen out of the bag and were under the car seat. Poor Trish thought she'd lost a gift!

Day 6 to 10 - A bookmark, a pen, shopping pad, tin of fruit candies (lol, there seems to be a pattern here - see previous posts!) and a car shaped key ring/retractable tape measure.

10 Dec 2010

Advent 2010

I've been slack with posting these but as Geniene at Renny and Me and Isaac too is already posting hers I thought I should do so as well. This is part of the Christmas Advent Swap 2010 which started out at the previous forum site but in future will be at Our Craft Forum.
These are the gifts I have received from Clare's Craftroom so far
Days 1 to 5 - Box of choccies, Christmas cross stitch, party frock decoration, blue glittery diary and a friendship bag - you can read the contents of this from the photo below :)!
I also opened one of the 'extra' presents that Clare enclosed and it was her Sewing Machine Apron pattern. Yippee!! I was going to buy one of these when the silly season was over but now it's really special as it was received as a gift.

I really adore this *big smile*

 Days 6 to 10 - Tiny whisk, jar of striped paper clips, tin of fruit candies,  hand/tea towel and silver 'Joy' hanging decoration, Australian penny keyring and a cat notepad. The 'extra' this time was 'A Paris *flower*' glazed metal plaque.

Thank you so much Clare for these thoughtful gifts!

Our Craft Forum

You'll see there's a new button on my sidebar. My current status on this forum doesn't tell the whole story as I've been a member since 2007. I couldn't have said it any better than Miss~Nance  so go there to see why we're sporting a new button on our blogs and I hope to see you on Our Craft Forum :).

8 Dec 2010

More Tim...

Judith has posted pics, to date, of the previously mentioned tags so for those of you who look in here that have slow/limited internet pop over to her blog and you can 'ooh and aah' with us and decide if you want to visit Tim's blog for more inspiration and how to's. Don't forget to leave a nice comment for Judith for doing this for us :).

Have a look at the other crafty things Judith does too!

4 Dec 2010


Another blog I follow mentioned Tim Holtz 12 days of Christmas Tags and I thought it would just be another 'hey, buy my stuff' blog. However,  he does say use whatever you have and some of his ideas so far are both time and expense saving....just what you need at the end of the year. These methods can be applied to cards too and I'm going to try some on my scrapbook pages. He's been doing the 12 tags of Christmas since 2007 so I'm going to backtrack (when I have time which will probably be 2011!) and have a look at his earlier efforts as I've already learnt new things and I'm impressed.

Those who know me know what a sceptic I can be and scrapbooking techniques, like quilting, are repeated by 'everyone' but I think I'll keep following Tim as I've already gained new ideas and new knowledge in only 3 days and I just like this guy's style.

Visit Tim here and see what you think.

3 Dec 2010

FNSI - Christmas gift catchup

I've just joined FNSI for the 10 December as there seem to be many of us who are still madly creating Christmas gifts rather than buying commercial ones. There's going to be 2 FNSI's this month (told you we were trying to catch up!) and the one after this one is happening on the 17 Dec.
If you want to join in the creative crafty fun with Heidi, Bobby and the rest of us just click on the link in the right sidebar.