31 Jul 2010

Giveaway win :)

I found out this morning that I was one of the winners in a quilting fabric scraps giveaway on Cyndi's blog! Can't wait to see what fabrics are in it.  Hmm, better stop thinking about what I can use it for until after the parcel arrives and I know exactly what I have :P. I will need some toy stuffing though.

26 Jul 2010

Yeay, I have my background again!

Finally figured out how to restore my fairy dust pattern. I really disliked the plain mauve colour. Thanks Leanne and Dawn for the tips about removing the floating photobucket symbol :).

25 Jul 2010

Can you guess what this is....?

or at least what it's going to be. Had to do a little 'frogging' last night 'ripit, ripit....' as I mucked up a seam. First time I've done this pattern and had to read the instructions a few times and it obviously didn't sink in. I think I work better with videos as seeing it is sometimes easier than reading about it. Ha, ha, now Geniene can stop nagging me :). Off visiting today and this place was like Pitt Street yesterday there were so many phone calls and visitors.

24 Jul 2010

Friday Night Sew In 2

Lol, thought I'd better post that I had "one of those nights" with a sick kid because Geniene is watching me :P Daughter survived, but no sewing was done so I've been working on it this morning while I'm home alone :)! I was going to do some more on an overdue swap but the project's future owner may drop by and that would spoil the surprise so I'll stick to the original plan of Christmas items. Hoping to put a picture up later today.

22 Jul 2010

Challenge Layouts

This is a layout I entered to do with something you are comfortable with in your life at Soul Scrappers. I'll just have to line up the journaling a bit better :P.

17 Jul 2010

3 months of cards

Here's some cards I've made over the last 3 months. There would be more but I've given some to Mum as a present and sent off at least one recently that I forgot to take photos of as the days they were made were too dull to take decent photos. Oops.

Hmm, blogger's going to play silly buggers with me so just keep in mind that the photos are here in backwards order :P.  I've been trying a few new methods so left above is framing and 3D embellishments and right above is another sort of framing and the heart is stuffed with lavender so it's a different type of 3D. The heart was a failed caring heart block so I recycled it by cutting it out (leaving a 1/4" border around it), slitting the back, stuffing it, closing the slit with running stitch and then after I'd cut the heart hole in the card front I glued the heart, by the border, to the back of the heart hole (inside the card) cut in the card front and affixed another piece of cardstock over the back of this with double sided tape to cover it up and make it look tidy. Oops, the strip of lace is affixed with double sided tape to the inside front edge of the card before you put the backing cardstock over the heart. It's a bit difficult to see but the lace is light blue.

I made another of these for my Mum for Mother's Day with a different title and she loved it :).

These were an experiment in multiple stamping with one stamp design and various colours. Both titles are stamped and heat embossed with clear embossing powder. There is a 3D gel sticker on Celebrate card and a layered paper flower with rhinestone flower as centre on Happy Day card.

An earlier cutting, layering and 3D session produced these. Lol, one of them just went off to Geniene without a photo being taken and with a small addition on it for Renny's amusement...because she likes them. I'll have to see if I can obtain a photo as it's my first of that type of card and I like to keep the photos in my computer album to refer to later. I also want to try that one with fabric embellies and ribbon as I think it would look terrific.

Layout photos will be here early next week so stay tuned ;).

15 Jul 2010

Friday Night Sew In

Oh Yay, my little google glitch which usually won't let me add these gadgets is behaving itself tonight and I've managed to put Handmade by Heidi's Friday Night Sew In button on my blog.
I wonder if I start Christmas Advent things, now, will I amass enough to be happy to join the forum swap??? Will have to check how many Fridays before September :).
Lol, 2nd bonus is I've discovered how to do links so anyone who wants to join us can just click and they'll be there!
This is a nice closing to a crummy week.

p.s. Thanks Karen and Geniene.

Catching up

I've been remiss not to keep this updated as I have some cards and a layout, at least, that should be on here. There's also some prizes I won that I wanted to show off. Lol, they were random draws so it's not as if they were judged on my scrapping abilities :P.

Had some weather problems with photo taking and then when I went to post realized the photos were still on the camera and batteries needed recharging :(. That's when I tossed it in and thought I'd do it another time. Well... the other time is still arriving and I think it will be within the next week so stay tuned :).

Winter is depressing......

I thought I'd better make the effort to at least try to keep to a fortnightly post even though I'm more inclined to just veg out or stay in bed. I'm in a slump at the moment so off to the Doc next week to see if he can straighten me out.
I've finally sorted out something for a 10th blogger prize so it will be in the mail  shortly.