26 Jul 2011

Winter Mornings, Wonderful Effects

I watched DD run up to the bus this morning and noticed the silvery cobwebs so I grabbed my camera.

click to enlarge

Of course the assistant took the chance to put in a bit of birdwatching time. 

I almost have a bokeh photo here because of the dew and the camera is still on auto, however I did select a smaller frame instead of using telephoto. I must remember that in the future.

The one below was a 'mistake' as I was trying to take a photo of that cheeky cockatiel in my avatar sitting on my right shoulder. I was operating the camera with my left hand and she decided to go elsewhere as the shutter closed. As it was an experiment on the auto setting without using the flash this is the effect achieved.

Lol, looks like a poorly developed 35mm film doesn't it!

Thanks for looking :)

Wantobe quilter @ Sew I Quilt

I've been a bit preoccupied of late and neglected to post this.

Are you a Wantobe quilter? Would you like a chance to win all of the supplies and tools you need to get started? If sew, send me a quick email at with your name, email address and phone number! Believe me, you won't want to miss this awesome campaign! To see what all the buzz is all about go to Saturday Sneak Peeks, FAST DASH to Stash....(

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Quick as in 5 days (1 August 2011) I need to email the list!


14 Jul 2011


Since participating in the Embracing the Passion course I've picked up my pencils, grabbed my journal and begun sketching again. I discovered The Sketchbook Challenge and have found inspirational ideas there. I also borrowed a book titled ”How to draw Anything” by Angela Gair from the local library which has given me more confidence to try different techniques. I’m looking to buy myself a copy as I’ve already reborrowed it 3 times and that’s the limit for continuous borrowing.

I’m pleased with some of my efforts so far, though my cow was not very co operative and shifted around a lot!

The ‘sleeping’ cat didn’t move quite so much but I’ll have to master the highlights caused by the sun.

All constructive criticism welcome :)!


7 Jul 2011


Lol, no this isn't an add for the TV series but a bit of a rave about my offspring *blush*.

DD12 had to do sewing at High School last term and they made a cushion. Ok, pretty simple, but they had to fabric paint the cushion fabric first and she decided that she wanted the horse (of course!) Maximus from the movie "Tangled" on hers so she drew it freehand from a picture on the computer screen. The drawing process was a bit traumatic and I was reluctant to offer advice when asked as the volcanic temper tantrums were pretty bad. She's inherited my 'fusspot' gene and wanted it 'perfect' but I convinced her that creative art was just that and she could change it if she wanted to suit her interpretation.

Anyway, enough prologue, here it is:

She was a bit peeved that the fabric paint ran a little when she did the nose but she decided she could live with it! I think she’s done a fabulous job for her first major sewing project *big cheesy grin*.


3 Jul 2011

Just saying.....

That I’ve only just caught up properly with the posts on Sew I Quilt ........and I’m amazed at what is being offered in August! Click here or on the WanttobeQuilter button and see what’s happening.

1 Jul 2011

Giveaway - Accuquilt GO! Baby

A GO! giveaway is happening at SewCraftyJess for one of these plus 3 dies of your choice. It closes Thursday, July 7 at 11.59 EST and as Jess lives in Pennsylvania my best advice is to enter early as I'm not good with time conversions!
Good luck!