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27 May 2017

Treasures, Travelling and 'Toys'!

We were about to leave, a week ago, to collect some woodworking machinery when I checked the cranky nesting Silver Lace Wyandotte. There were peeps coming from the nesting box but I had to wait until the next day to take these.

3 out of 6 hatched, however, I suspect the eggs from some of the other hens either weren't fertile, or were jiggled around, as all 6 hens insist on using the same nesting container and there's a discrepancy with whose turn it is next. 3 is enough for a cold weather hatch though as no one will be left in the cold and it won't be too stressful for a first time hen :). Mrs Wyandotte was nameless but from now on she's called Mumma, as none of the other hens go broody.

Our trip that day was rainy and cold and we collected two machines from 350km away. PC is pleased with the price he paid and is always glad to have me travel with him, especially when the drive is boring because of rain, as it's easy to become weary just driving along a highway. I have neglected to take photos of the bandsaw and the lathe but there will be some in the future when they are used.

After a day at home we were off again, on Sunday, travelling the same route but the weather was lovely apart from some fog early in the day.
20 mins from home

2.5hrs from home

15 mins from destination and these tunnels give me the heebie jeebies!
The drive home was pleasant.....
My favourite roadside resting stop.
....except the old truck decided to have a fuel problem and we had to have quite a few stops, and nurse it to the closest town to home, and we overnighted there. Temperamental old thing was fine in the morning but PC will have to service the diesel fuel lines.

Another lovely day for the remainder of the trip home so I took a few pictures to pass the time.
The first two pics are taken 30 minutes from home.

 This one is 15 minutes from home...

and as you follow the turn in the tarmac road we are 5 mins away and on the edge of the village.

This is the reason for the trip and PC already has plans for some items he'd like to make for the workshop and the house. He couldn't wait to unload it, clean the old sawdust off it, and ensure it ran well!

Lol, boys and their toys! I'm sure I can suggest a few jobs for him to use them for, in the future, when he has completed his immediate plans :P.

RobynLouise XO

26 Mar 2017

Photo collages

Part of rearranging my blog involved locating a free photo editing program. After much searching I found one and it is The reason I liked this one, apart from it being free, is that I can create collages with it and I can download any edited photos/collages to my computer for future use without having to save them in a file online. This appeals to my sense of privacy. I created my new blog header with it.

It is also handy for upgrading the bad photos that my mobile phone takes, where the colours are washed out because the phone is trying to add more light, as it doesn't have the settings a true camera does. I took this one on the way home from Kempsey. It is from the Cowra side of Bathurst and I'm glad I could edit it to show how magnificent the colours actually were to the naked eye. I particularly like the bright orange arch above and slightly to the left of the road.

RobynLouise XO

20 Jul 2014

Nice and crispy and -3C!!

Good morning all!

SO(significant other) was up before the sun, possibly before the sparrows too as there didn't seem to be any around....probably had their feet frozen to the branches, poor little things! He did complain that "It's bloody cold here!" as he dressed. I languished in bed for another 20 minutes, by which time he'd had a coffee and was gone to attend to business. He doesn't muck around when there is something that needs doing.

I had a warming cup of tea, logged into the computer, checked emails and then decided it was too good a chance to miss so I found my backbone, and my camera, threw on a jacket and went outside around 7am to indulge in another hobby I've neglected.

This was my reward.

My car on the front sidewalk. Ice on the windscreen is about 6mm(1/4") thick!

Some weeds in the front yard.

The back yard didn't seem as frosty.

Lid of the 44 gallon horse feed drum. I nearly deleted this on the camera as I didn't think it was clear and the automatic shutter speed was only 80 with an f-stop of 3.2. When I viewed it on the computer though the blurry foreground was redeemed by the clear mid and back ground :). This is not a usual thing with this camera and in the future I'll think twice before deleting directly from the camera! Lol, one never stops learning :)

The raised frosted number on the lid of the 44 took my fancy too. It's like it's embossed in a different finish to the rest :).

The consolation to freezing mornings of the frosty type usually means a warm(ish) fine day. Hoping all my followers are having a grand weekend with lots of things to make them smile!

Robyn xo

19 Jun 2013

Gladstone tour....

and views on the drive home.

I'm a bit behind with this but hoping you won't all want a refund!

What's a rural village without a pub? This is the Heritage Hotel (formerly Gladstone Hotel) circa 1873

How's this for a Police station! It used to be the Court House and was opened in 1885.  The 2 storey residence to the right was added in 1898. The trial scene in the movie "The Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith" was filmed here. Both parts of this building are National Heritage listed.

Uniting Church built in 1921. Love the design of this.

Office area of Gladstone Public School. There has been a school on this site since 1877. I love how it looks.

Another view of the Macleay River from the area in front of my car before I left to go home.

This is about the half way point on my drive home. One of the few lengthy straight stretches of road.

Ssshhhh...I stopped the car momentarily to take this as there's hardly any traffic on a Sunday afternoon. This is the long hill going into Willawarrin. Near the curve at the bottom is a bridge over Hickeys Creek.

Our section of Hickeys Creek near our farm. Doesn't have quite the same "country feel" since they recently fixed the bridge and put those stripey marker posts there :(. I've never heard of anyone actually driving into the creek in about the 70 odd years the bridge has been there.

Ten minutes after arriving home the sky put on a beautiful display. A lovely finish to a lovely day :).

Rob xo

17 Jun 2013

Gladstone Markets

Visited these markets again on Sunday and remembered to take my camera :). I know....I go nuts when I have a camera in my hand! I'm trying to keep the photos under 10 per post.

There weren't as many people there as last month and everyone was warmly dressed as the breeze off the Macleay River was chilly.

I haven't bought any of these yet but the fruity/herby smells wafting on the breeze always make me feel hungry and I love the way it's set out! The lovely proprieter was a little camera shy.

I bought a mozzarella cheese this time (haven't opened it yet) and a curry buffalo pie for lunch here. This is one of the Ausbuff boys - they really know their products and they smile a lot :) . Lol, I managed to convince myself that I'd have an ice cream next time. I'd already spoiled myself with a pie and the cheese....too much of a good thing....

These terrific ladies decided to pose for me after I bought some delicious caramel waffles to take home with me (now you know why I didn't have ice cream). Next time I'm buying the lemon myrtle waffles before they sell out as the taste test was YUM!

There's someone obscured here as they wouldn't let me post their photo but I really wanted to show the stall they help run with the gorgeous hand spun and hand made items they make.

Another stall member spinning alpaca yarn. She had to keep warming her hands. She can't spin if she's wearing shoes as she needs to "feel" how things are going.

Come back tomorrow for some touristy photos. I love the area I live in!
Robyn xo

8 Jun 2013

Afternoon walk - very photo heavy

Yesterday afternoon my two "trainers", Flash - the Border Collie and Annie - the German Shepherd, and I went for the usual afternoon walk. After admiring the changing views over the past week I remembered to take my camera with me this time. The photos are in order but some of them have been taken looking back where I'd already been as the afternoon light was brightening out the view otherwise. The lighting makes the vegetation black in some of them where it was actually a mid/dark green.
For convenience sake I've posted in medium size mode but if you particularly want a better view of any just click on the pic :D. Some of my most liked ones are saved in a bigger size.

Walking away from home.....

Our paddocks are both sides of the road here.

Above is looking over one of our paddocks into the neighbour's place SW of us.

Next corner, that's the right angled corner ... still our paddocks either side.

Western neighbour's driveway in the distance, our paddocks cease there.

View of Anderson's Sugarloaf on the right from the above neighbour's driveway. When the Sugarloaf has a cloud cap on it it means it is going to rain in the next 24 hours.

A flock of straw necked ibis that flew across the paddock and alighted in one of the trees in our top paddock. They must nest there every night as they were very settled on our return home :).

I've just walked down this hill but walking back up is a unique exercise!


There's the bottom of the above hill. Dogs waiting while I fiddle with taking photos. They don't like to leave me behind :).

View across the neighbour's paddocks to the hills.

Upper side of the road (east) exhibiting some lovely pastels.

Looove cloud patterns
...the return trip...

The sky was a bluer colour than this

Another hill that I didn't think to photograph on my way out's just as steep as the first one which is why the dogs are waiting again....puff....puff...puff....

More pastels but this time in the west.

5 minutes from home.
View across our paddocks, the SW neighbour's place and beyond to the Great Dividing Range. Makes you feel like you live on top of the world!

Hope you enjoyed an afternoon walk with me and I'll invite you on another walk in the future.

Robyn xo