26 May 2010

Giveaway by Jenny of ELEFANTZ

I was blogger browsing this morning and followed a link from Tozz's Corner to Jenny's blog as there was mention of a giveaway. I'm not usually into giveaways and these fabrics are not my normal choice of design but I could just see a lovely bag for my Mum or maybe a table runner for my DIL with these incorporated. There's also a free pattern - you can never have enough patterns as you never know when you will need that particular pattern.....bit like fabric, hey :P!
This is the button for this great giveaway but if it's supposed to link to the site then I've mucked it up somehow :(.
Thanks Jenny! Thank you too Vicki for putting it on your blog :).

8 May 2010


Well this is an improvement but before I make it permanent by changing the title colours etc I'll see if there's a complete background as these column ones involve tampering with your display settings so you can see them, which then affects all your display settings. Lol, I'm on another learning curve here!

For those who would like to become followers could you please wait until I decide  on a final background as each time it's changed it removes previous gadgets and I'm not savvy enough with this to know how to retain them. Thanks!

More Potholders

Finally remembered to photograph the one I gave Mum...she hasn't used it yet!! She said it's too good to use, now where have I heard that before :P? If Leanne hadn't specified pumpkins this would have been the replacement.
This is a crazy quilting one which is meant to depict the area I live in. Well I know it is and that's all that matters :). There's a few fabrics in this that Juliet sent me. Thanks Juliet! I'm acquiring the ability to machine embroider neatly. Both potholders are 8" square.

The last one is one I made using the tube method but I halved the sizing as I thought I could always make it bigger for my needs but it would have been difficult to downsize it. This is 7" square to keep the dimensions correct.

5 May 2010


I've been trying for over an hour to change my background and I keep having bits of the old background show through. I'll have to give it a go in Firefox and see if it works better there. If not I can always figure out the problem and fix it tomorrow as this is really cutting into my creative time (I refuse to mention that H word on a crafting blog!).

4 May 2010


I've figured out how to start another blog for scrapping :). My blog names aren't fancy but they're about what I do and I've never been into fancy stuff anyway. The scrapping blog is still under construction as I want an appropriate background, oh and I need to scrap some layouts and OTP things (Off The Page) to make having the blog relevant :P.
The layout that's posted here stays as the new blog will have only scrapping that's been done from the creating date, he he, you'll have to go there to read about exceptions!
I aim to update it about every fortnight or so, like I aimed to do with this one....I think my sights are a bit off, lol.

I've been wanting to do this for a while.....

Hey, my first scrap blog... finally! I'll still be posting what I think is my 'best stuff' in the Scrapbooking Memories gallery but everything I'd like to show off will be here, probably even the mistakes :P. Before my children groan "Oh, MUM!!!" I won't put anything really embarrassing here.....unless I think it's funny. Hmm, I can hear the screams of protest from kilometres away as my sense of humour is not funny to my offspring, LOL.

This blog will also be from this date onwards unless something created previously is used as an example for something new. (ROFLMAO - I can hear the wind caused by collective sighs of relief but don't be too optimistic yet...).

Anyway, I'd best create something to put here besides text :).