28 Sep 2010

Tuesday's Treasures

This treasure was given to me by my ex MIL about 20 years ago. She knew I loved horses and adored the Lipizzaners and their beautiful dressage moves so when she went back to Austria to see her family she bought this for me from the gift shop at the Riding School when she went with a friend to see the horses/riders practice. It is made of china and now has a slightly chipped ear where one of the kids bumped the display cabinet years ago and it fell over. I'm not quite sure of the translation of the words Wien - Hofteitschule on the base... definitely Vienna and I think the rest is Horse School. Any help from blog visitors with translation would be much appreciated :).
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24 Sep 2010

Everything's Black and White ...

Well almost.

I've been trying out some new ideas for the cards I'm making for a local market stall in October. I'm going to make some others in different colour combinations with the black and a few Halloween cards might be a good idea as well, along with my usual styles of cards. The base card is pearlised black so the top cards are showing up greyish because of the light reflecting off them.


What do these letters mean? Go here to find out :). Have a look at all the other wonderful stuff while you're there.

Nip 'n' Tuck?

Shameless recently had a facelift and though it wasn't exactly a nip 'n' tuck, more like a tuck 'n' stitch or a 'nose job', she definitely has a cuter face and doesn't look quite so sheepish about her sheepish face :).

19 Sep 2010

Hot potato!!

Vicki is having a pattern giveaway on her blog but there are a few rules involved. Fortunately they're easy ones and the 'prize' is a beaut little wallet pattern you can have as long as you have a blog giveaway to pass it on within the month :). Pretty easy, huh? Nip over there and check it out!

17 Sep 2010


Lol, I shouldn't set myself times to finish things as something else always happens. Anyway Shameless is finished but I'll have to work on her expression as it doesn't seem quite right. I think the head needs shortening or the face needs lengthening as the nose looks odd. What does everyone think?


the sheep should be stuffed, stitched, 'seeing' and 'smelling' before FNSI tonight as I really want to make her some smaller siblings for Lucky's huggles collection. I called her 'Shameless' as this is my first try at designing a stuffed toy and what was meant to be 'cute' turned out a bit wonky in places and about 2" longer and an inch or so higher than originally intended and a lot wider, both ways. I also discovered 4 legged stuffed toys use lots more stuffing than 2 legged ones :O!!

Check back around 7.30pm for more than a sneak peek :D.

14 Sep 2010

Tuesday's Treasures

One of these may seem a funny thing to class as a treasure but if you are a horse person you'd know. Lol, I bred both of these at around the same time, as I fell pregnant with youngest daughter and had a little mare here who was quiet but that I couldn't ride while I was pregnant so I bred my unborn baby her own horse. She was born end of March and he was born end of August in 1999 so they've grown up together. Anyone can ride this horse but he goes best for DD and for me, as I raised him and trained him and she was his playmate. He thinks he's human and the bugger has walked into the house to knick an apple off the bench before and he's also bombproof which is essential in a kid's horse :). My two treasures often go off together to chase cows or train racehorses with Dad and in Summer they like to be in the dam!
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11 Sep 2010

Wedding and things

My forum friend Geniene is madly finishing a quilt for a wedding gift for one of her friends and she asked me to make her a card, probably as she's so busy quilting she doesn't have time to find a suitable one :P. I did some searching on the net and found a tri-shutter card at splitcoast stampers and thought it would be perfect. The video I originally viewed showed a simpler card so I followed that idea and as Geniene had sent me some epoxy stickers and some rub ons to decorate it with I had lots to work with! As I don't usually do wedding cards and it normally takes me ages to mentally design something new I was surprised that when I had all the makings scattered over the table some things just stood out as belonging together, so I put them aside, cleared a working space and came up with this..........

Top photo is front of card and bottom photo is opened out. Card also free stands quite well because of the design so it would be good for many special occasions, particularly if you had a photo to go in the centre block.

I'm quite chuffed with this :D!! Pity the poor light didn't show off the colours better as the base card is actually a nice burgundy colour

3 Sep 2010


Fee is holding a free BOM at the moment and she is also having a block giveaway with the fabric to complete all blocks. I'm going to give this a try as I've never done a BOM and I've also put my entry in for the giveaway :).