18 Mar 2011

On My Mind.....Finishing

Top left - stay stitching, Top right - my first attempt at boning lining!

Bottom left - Love my overlocker(serger)!, Bottom right - zipper pinned in place

Participating in OMM keeps me posting lately and by Friday there's usually something I'm thinking about.

This week it's finishing this dress and having it in the mail TODAY. Problem is it's only the trial run as I wasn't confident enough to alter the pattern and possibly waste metres of red satin if it went wrong. Lucky I still have 2 weeks before D-Day(Dress Day) and I know exactly how long it's taking me to make this one and where I encountered problems so the next one should be quicker as there will be no 'unstitching'!

Lol, pity daylight saving doesn't actually make the days longer!!

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11 Mar 2011

On my mind......Hearts for Christchurch

I've had a lot of things to do lately but I've found time to start putting together some hanging hearts to send to Evie in New Zealand for the gathering of Hearts for Christchurch . I'm hoping to send them on Monday.
A gathering of 400,000 hearts would mean a heart could be given to each resident of Christchurch.

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10 Mar 2011

SSGC #3 - Children's Music

Wiggles or Raffi?

Wiggles of course! This challenge was based on children's music from these artists so needed to have a children's theme. I usually have  my layouts with minimal embellishments but I had to put in our MOQ(mock) cat that I taught the kids to draw when they were young and it all began because of this cat!

Footnote: The above moggy's full name was Fletcher Christian as he was originally a rescued feral kitten and a bit of a rebel! There is a saying that history repeats itself :D.

4 Mar 2011

On my mind....



Earlier this week I received this gift from my friend Cyndi at bluebirdswing. I'm very excited about this because she's a great bag maker and she made it out of a material with an Australian flavour to it. It has a lot of pockets for a little bag and I love pockets!
Also an apology to those waiting to see what I was making with the materials a couple of weeks ago. I mucked it up and had some unstitching and realigning to do and haven't quite finished it yet. Thanks for your patience and for those who had a guess, yes it will be a stuffed toy!
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