30 Apr 2022

Pay it Forward - Another way to Recycle

Over the years the local Pay it Forward Facebook page has enabled us to acquire items at no cost in the couple of years we have lived here. 

 An A-frame hen house with the posts and wire for a small outside run.

Cement blocks that became our compost containers. 

A kitchen sink and taps, destined to be installed as part of a potting table.

Many bricks , some of which became edging for the vegetable beds.

Most of these were going to be taken to the tip if not collected. 

We have offered fire wood from the trees that have been cut down, eggs on occasions we have an excess, apricots when I couldn't keep up with processing of them into jam etc., and books we no longer read or use.

Are there any ways of Paying it Forward or Bartering where you live?


23 Apr 2022

Fresh Start

I'm restarting this blog as Google finally re-established connections so I can comment on the comments, amongst other things.  

In the meantime Covid-19 has appeared, the world has changed and we are all being urged to "make a new normal" - whatever that means. Here on my little patch the chickens still lay eggs, the "pet" horse follows us around the place, the "new"  cat supervises everything and I'm growing vegetables, tending fruit trees, sewing and doing other things that make me happy.

There is a native animal who has laid claim to this patch of land , and I'm happy to share it, and I think miss puss has already had an encounter or two with it and knows to leave it alone. Looking forward to a decrease in pest insects with the new resident arriving.

I'd be happy to have you join me whenever you have the time. 

Cheers, Robyn.

19 Jan 2020

End of my blog

Today will be my last post on this blog. I have posted here for ten years but over the last 12 months or so the blog itself has become dysfunctional. I have tried to repair the faults by reporting the problems, following information on help forums and talking to others I know with technical experience but my efforts are not fixing the fact that I can no longer reply to posts and interact with any followers or visitors. The interaction was one of my main reasons for blogging.

This problem can also occur when I  try to comment on other people's blogs so I will not be commenting in the future but there are a few blogs I read. I have no inclination to start a blog with another blog provider.

Thanks to everyone who has read or commented on my blog over the years. I haven't decided yet if I will delete this blog.

Robyn Louise xo

6 Oct 2019

Feeling despondent

It's a long weekend here.
People are enjoying their 3 day weekend.

I'm feeling depressed as my cat was bitten by a snake yesterday afternoon and died overnight at the veterinarian's.

Normally I try not to put private personal posts on my blog but in the last 6 months there's been the death of a family member and 2 family pets. It's a lot to cope with.

Thanks for your understanding if I'm not as frequent with my posts as I want to be.

R.I.P. Fibonacci.
We are going to miss your happy-go-lucky attitude.

Robyn Louise.

5 Sept 2019

Berry Bounty

I've been wanting to try growing berries for years, but never made the commitment as the plants weren't cheap, and I was nervous of not caring for them properly and killing them.

I purchased some half price berry bushes a few weeks ago as they were old stock. A thornless blackberry, a raspberry and a blueberry. I began planting them into the gardens on Thursday. Home nurtured compost was dug into the soil, plants will be watered in with seaweed fertiliser and mulched with matured horse manure and straw. The pH in that garden usually averages 5.5 along the fence line so all the requirements for healthy growth should be met.

Bed piled up and reinforced by wood beam.

Teasing out the roots was a challenge

Blueberry planted. Trench in front of bed was filled with aged horse manure.

Watered in and mulched. Remaining bushes will be planted in the next few days as now I am "bushed"!

They may need a shelter erected above them which will prevent any potential sun burn in Summer and frost burn in Winter. Now we need to keep a watch for ambitious finches and other winged pests in case a more intensive screening is required so I can harvest fruit before it is stolen.

Looking forward to possibly harvesting some fruit this season.

Robyn Louise xo