17 Jan 2016

Thank goodness...

for blogger!

Hunting through my computer looking for the recipe for my tallow soap and couldn't find it. Feeling a bit off this weekend with a bug I've acquired so it took me a while to remember that most "new" stuff I try always ends up on my blog and that's where it is!

Right here! It's been nearly a year since I made that batch and I'm on the last cake now but I have interspersed it with  Soap by Sandy and some cakes gifted to me by friends and I also gave a few cakes away. I may have to buy some soap to tide me over until this batch cures :(. I've run out of coconut oil too so may have to nick into town this afternoon to grab some, as well as some top up groceries as I won't have time through the week.

LOL, I still have a kilo of lard in the freezer that is waiting to be made into soap so I'll need to cobble together a recipe for that. Thank goodness for this site or I'd be in a fix trying to make different soaps.

Hoping to have more time to be blogging again as with my work hours I only seem to post the odd comment on Facebook and I am still unable to search fb. My blog is almost my online "diary" of simple living and I'd be lost without it now as I've posted so much on here over the years.

No new year's resolutions this time but I will try to keep this updated more often.

YEAH I KNOW!'ve all heard that before then I forget for a while as life becomes busy. This is the longest break away from blogging though in the 6 years of this blog. Well, busy or not, I have some very supportive friends here who've kept me afloat during bad times and cheered with me during good ones. I hope they are still around after my neglect of them.

Robyn Louise XO

p.s. - I found my camera so that's another plus!