26 Mar 2010

Potholders.....finally :)

Here are the potholders that Monika and I made for the potholder swap. Monika made me this one, isn't it gorgeous!
and I made Leanne this one

I made my mum one for her birthday but forgot to take a photo. That will have to be for another post as I seem to be acquiring a few family orders for these so will group them together.
Have a nice weekend everyone :).

23 Mar 2010

Baseco Bag

I've just purchased a Baseco Bag as they look very easy to do and I need a new bag and it's for a good cause. I think UniDD could do with a 'grab and go' bag for her birthday but I don't think this will be done by then as it's only have a couple of weeks away and I'll have to allow posting time.
Thinking about joining the Friday Night Sew in. Now if I can just figure out how to put the little button on here if I do??????? LOL

21 Mar 2010

ROFLMAO...what a mess!!

Maybe next time it won't take me an hour to post some text and a few photos. I'll have to be up earlier if it does 'cause this really eats into my limited peak time. Apologies for the gaps, I'll get the hang of it eventually.

Tuffett Swap

As I'm having difficulties posting photos on a forum I'm in I thought I'd best make an effort to keep this current, even though blogging and I don't compliment each other :P. At least then I can link members to here. Also this is my first photo post and I should have posted the potholder swap before it as now they are out of order!! Oh well, I still need to take a photo of the potholder I received so you'll just have to be in suspense :)!  It is worth waiting to see though.
The floral tuffett is the one I sent to Mary and the tuffett with the cute little hexagons on it is the one Mary made me.

Little Miss Muffett was here before this multiple legged party crasher arrived :D. If you want some of these, or other cute little charms for craft at great prices, go to . Yes, I still have to figure out how to post links and this one should be on a scrapping blog I haven't started....yet :P.

Aren't these little hexagons great! I want to try making these sometime in the future. A bit bigger though as this tuffett is 4" x 4". Seems a shame to stick pins and needles in it!

Lol, it just took me ages to figure out how to do this as my blog is still having issues with the text at the top of the composing box :(. I can't see the buttons unless I put the arrow roughly where they are and then they appear, with text. Hopefully someone out there can help me as my offspring don't blog!!

9 Mar 2010

Not enough time

I've been meaning to post a couple of pictures here but blogger is giving me problems, again, and I don't have time (or download or speed) to sift through all the gab on their help forums to correct it.
This is the third blog I've tried but I seem to have the perpetual problem of word verification letters not appearing in the box. I visit lots of lovely crafty blogs but am unable to leave messages as it can't be verified. My first blog site I didn't turn on the word verification  and some creep left a nasty message that was nothing to do with anything on my blog :(. Verification is a pain but I don't want to be without it after that.
 When the latest swap partner receives their item I'll try to post a pic of what I sent them as it's not a craft blog without pictures!

1 Mar 2010

Blog building

Just found a great free blog background link -see top left of this page - so now I'm happier with how this looks. When I become bored I'll change it 'cause now I know how :).