23 Jan 2011

Beaut fabric giveaway!

Love this giveaway as I love green and there's lots of this colour in these FQ's, layer cakes and charm packs.

22 Jan 2011

Sympathy Cards

I haven't made any cards for a while but I needed a get well and a sympathy card recently and I couldn't buy any that I thought were suitable. I dislike making sympathy cards as it is about someone else's sadness :(. The only nice part about them is they are used to send comfort to someone you care about.

FNSI - mug wraps and coasters

Well I finally had time to take a photo and put it up. Seems like everyone wanted to telephone here today.
These are a present for my DS and as I made 2 sets the photo shows both sides. I'm happy with the coasters and they are sooo easy to make! The mug wraps I've made before but this time I machine stitched the velcro on as boys will be boys and it doesn't matter what age they are :P.
Credit where it's due so if you want to have a try at the coasters the tutorial can be found at Carol's Crafty Creations.

Robyn :D

17 Jan 2011

Qld flood relief Auctions

Pop over to Clare's Place as she's put up her auction items for this and there are some adorable baby clothes and  7 of her patterns available including a paper-based one of the 'Summer Charms' pattern all in the one offer. I've put in my starting bid.

15 Jan 2011

Sunshine on my shoulder.........

makes me happy and the laundry smell fresh!

I know it's a weird photo to post but I'm soooo happy to have a full day of sunshine and a real Australian summer day (including some sunburn whilst hanging laundry!) after overcast days and perpetually intermittent downpours for weeks. I understand why the Egyptians worshipped Ra, the sun god, as I feel really full of life today with all the light and warmth around. Think I'll just sort out those quilting fabrics I wanted to pre-wash now the backlog of regular laundry is caught up *big smile*.

14 Jan 2011

On my mind.......

On my mind lately has been the fact that my youngest is about to begin her first year of high school. Apart from the paraphernalia needed above, there are books, uniforms, waking her up earlier as she has to catch the bus at 7.30am for the 40km trip to school each day and the 'dramas' that go with all the adjusting to the new system and pre-teen female hormones. Oh joy *resigned face*.

I think I'll scrapbook this so we can laugh/cry/rejoice at the journey in later years. That makes this the first photo for the collection.

To see what is on other people's minds visit Rhonda's blog.

13 Jan 2011

Cat Domination?

I've just been blog visiting and discovered one of our cats has far flung relatives who also like to find good places to sit in. Frauke at Quilthexle's World has an artistic cat and Marli at Textileartand.... has a cat who is a coffee addict!

Our Macca is into contemplation and relaxation :D!

12 Jan 2011

Qld Flood Relief Auction

Toni at Make It Perfect, and her sister Carli, are organising auctions of craft items to raise relief funds for the Flood Victims in Queensland. At the top left of my blog you will find a button to click on that will take you there for more details.

11 Jan 2011


I’ve just joined Sew It’s Finished so I’ve been looking through my stash and I have a few started and a few more planned that need to be done....this year.
The list of UFO/WIP so far is :
·        Quilting and finishing DGS Bob the builder quilt
·        Making a quilt from some heart blocks I’ve received for newest DGD
·        Making ‘something’ with 12”  ‘Squaredance’ blocks from a swap 3(?) years ago – hmmm a lap quilt for winter.
Now for ‘Must do this year’ that haven’t been started :
·        Make DS a quilt before November 1st.
·        Make a planned gift for an overseas friend.
·        Try to make at least one Christmas gift each month.
This doesn’t look like much but DGS quilt is the first actual quilt I’ve done. I’ve quilted potholders, oven gloves, needlecases, bookcovers and other items but not anything this big and I don’t FME yet. Lol, that’s another thing I have to start doing this year - FME! 
This is where I'm up to with DGS quilt so far:

I'm going to self bind this quilt as the backing fabric is a bit heavier than the quilt front fabric.

Advent Gift Update

I'm a bit slow updating with these but here's the remainder of the items from the Advent Swap. These are the gifts I sent to Trish. I tried to do more hand made ones this year for the last few gifts.

These are the ones I received from Clare. I keep thinking I've missed photographing one *scratch head*.

7 Jan 2011

This is on my mind....

The General has been missing for 2 days. He's our Indian Runner cross drake. DH finally told me this morning that General has been a bit weak for a few days. General was a good leader of his flock of ducks, a master escapee when it came to finding a way out of the pen, as he also liked some solitary time, and a great pet. We think he just found a nice quiet hidden place and had his final sleep and it has to be in the area just east of the house as he's left us the faint aroma of his depart which comes with the late afternoon breeze. He was 12 years old and fowling friends tell me that's really old age for a duck. I'll have difficulty replacing him.

RIP old boy :(.