28 Dec 2016

Do you name your hens?

PC and I were chatting about the hens this morning and he mostly ends up laughing when we do this. He’s amused as he inadvertently named our rooster a day or two after we acquired our Silver Wyandotte flock because of its behaviour.

The rooster's name is FIGJAM. 

When you go into the hen house or yard FIGJAM struts around with his head up and his chest out and if you talk he “talks” back like he’s answering you. Also, when you pick him up, and then put him back on the ground, he doesn’t run off but steps away in a dignified manner and shakes himself – all the while chastising you in various tones. I think he’s still indignant that I clipped his flight feathers, on one wing, the day we brought him here to ensure he stayed and didn’t try the option of flying over the 5 foot high gate.

RobynLouise xo

26 Dec 2016

It happens but.....

it still isn't easy.

My little feathered friend of 12 years died this evening. Seems like she had a heart attack in the short time between when I saw her from the kitchen window and when PC went out to bring their cage in for the night and discovered her dead in the bottom. 

Her little mate, Spice, seems subdued and I hope he's OK and doesn't pine for her. I thought she'd outlast him as he has some health issues that existed before I obtained him.

It won't be the same without my cheeky little mate.

Robyn Louise 

22 Dec 2016

Another RE...


Discovered a hen house with 5 hens on a local Facebook Buy, Sell and swap last week. Had to do some pen dismantling and 3 of the hens are older than I would have liked but they are good weed scratchers so they can have a chance at reducing our labours in return for board and feed.

Need to re-erect the main hen house in the corner behind the sheds soon. It looks a bit sad stacked in the trailer.

I also discovered a local farmer a couple of days ago on same BSS who is selling Silver Wyandottes so I bought 5 of those as they are my favourite. The pullets won’t lay for around another 10 weeks. Mr Rooster needs a name but it has to suit his nature :).

Three eggs collected so far and as half of them have only been here 3 days I’m pleased with that.

Robyn Louise xo.

15 Dec 2016


Resigning, repacking, removing, resettling, readjusting, rearranging, recharging and a few other words beginning with that prefix.

This year has been the only year since I began blogging that has less than 5 posts for the year and my first blogging year began 4 days before that year’s end. Abysmal blogging effort but I couldn't find the mental energy to write about anything and I like to write as well as I can. OCD?.....maybe.

Next year, 2017 , is a new beginning in many ways and a repeat of activities I enjoy in other ways. This time there is someone to share current activities and make new experiences together. He’ll be popping up in photos in this blog.

Mentioning photos reminds me that I need to download some for future posts as a “before and after” comparison. In the meantime my readers can view our house, weeds and all, in the blog header J.

RobynLouise xo