27 May 2011

I won a Giveaway!!

I'm soooo excited! This year I visited as many blogs as I could in the Sew Mama Sew May Giveaway and only managed a third of them then. Some giveaways I entered, others I bookmarked the site and I followed a few I was particularly interested in.
I received an email this morning informing me I'd won the Quilt Routes giveaway! Part of the prize is an art quilt and I chose the 'Bullrushes' one from Deborah's etsy shop and I also receive some gorgeous FQ's and beautifully hand dyed/ hand painted sample fabrics. Go here to see it all and don't drool on your keyboard whilst viewing!

p.s. have a look at the other items Deborah's made and posted on her blog, the latest features feather shapes and it's brilliant.

24 May 2011

Sew Cherry Giveaway

Rae Ann of Cutie Pinwheel is having a giveaway of "Sew Cherry" fabric to celebrate Lori Holt's "One Yard Apron" pattern that has just been released.
Visit Rae Ann to have a look at some fab aprons made with this fabric and go over to Lori's Bee in my Bonnet to check out some other exciting new patterns.

20 May 2011

On My Mind - Look What I Found!

Firstly sincere apologies to those who visited this blog when I put up a sneak peak of the goodies I had cut out ages ago. I couldn't quite decide how to finish this little friend off so I put it aside...and it was forgotten! I discovered it the other day and immediately knew what the face needed to be as I hadn't liked the options given in the original pattern. 

So here's my happy little friend! 

My little friend's current name is Cyndi as that's who the fabrics came from that it's made out of  :).
Thanks for visiting and to see what is on who's mind visit Rhonda's blog. You may find something else you like!

14 May 2011

Embracing the passion

I'm really enjoying this course, run by Kerryanne English of Woodberry Designs, and I've used some items that have been sitting around, still in their purchase packets, that I haven't made time to try. I'm taking short periods everyday for 'me' time and one of the exercises we can do in the course is a collage page about ourselves using the prompt "What makes me, me?" I think the environment makes me so I took the positive aspects of mine and created a double A5 page using stamping, watercolour paints, fabric, adhesive stickers, rhinestones and paper/card collage - corrugated, punched, die-cut, wet and dry embossed and inked.

Hoping everyone is having a lovely day :D!

On My Mind......Swaps

Here's my practice dishcloth for the dishcloth swap that I'm involved in on down_to_earth. I need to work on the joining corner as it's a bit wonky. That's the corner in the bottom right of the photo.

Lucky the swaps don't need to arrive before 1 June as DD12 has borrowed the crochet hook and misplaced it and I don't have another anywhere near that size. Shopping day next Thursday though and a few hours of industrious crochet crochet whilst watching Dr Who and Inspector Morse should do it :).

This is the buckeye block I made for the Acorn Gatherer's swap with Linda on Our Craft Forum. I like the colouring better than the practice one and Linda likes it too.

This went together surprisingly easy and I only had to unstitch once or twice :O.
I'm in a private block swap with Mary though and I had to put the block aside or I would have set fire to it! I'm having trouble matching one of the sides to the centre square of a nine patch and after unpicking a few times and trying different ways of assembling I still can't make a half square triangle set meet the corners properly. Think I'll have to do this one again or at least redo the strip.
To see what's on the mind's of other people visit Rhonda's blog.

6 May 2011

On My Mind - Creativity

The title page for my art journal for the e-course mentioned in the previous post . Decorating your journal was optional but I didn't want mine to look like a school book! Hence the choice of the opaquey coloured cover and not plain black.

I didn't think to photograph it before I coloured in the grey shaded ferns and the base underneath the flower was just black with makers details printed on it before the flower strip was added. I liked the plastic cover as green is my favourite colour and it went with the garden theme of the fernery.

To see what's on other's minds today visit Rhonda's Blog.

5 May 2011

What, no quilting!

I've joined in with  MPB Jeans Sew Along as I desperately need a pair of jeans that fit me because I can't buy them in a shop and altering purchased ones is just as time consuming as making something new and much more frustrating. Not that I need any extra things to do at the moment but  a chance missed may not come again.
Nooo, they aren't quilted...maybe in the future though...does anyone remember the jeans made from  squares with chenilled edges...umm early 70's???
There's also a Flickr Group MPB Jeans Sew-along that I've been following when I have time. I've also backtracked on the blog to read other posts and Peter of MPB posts very informative, enjoyable and often humorous posts!
If you've ever thought about making your own clothes or are interested in constructing a pair of jeans that fit properly have a look at the above links as Peter 'walks' us through it.  Don't forget to scan the comments too as there are some valuable tips there as well.

3 May 2011

Mojo slump and E-Course

I didn't complete the last 2 challenges for the SSGC as I just couldn't get any inspiration on the subjects and I wasn't going to force myself to create something that I probably wouldn't be happy with.

Kerryanne of Woodberry Designs announced an e-course called 'Embracing the Passion' around that time and though I was interested I didn't know if it would be my type of thing. Towards the end of the enrolment period Kerryanne ran a little competition to give away an enrolment in this course and as there were only 2 of us who entered she gave us both free admission into the course. Wasn't that generous of her!!
Anyway, the course has just started, I have my journal and I’ve been reading the pdf’s and visiting the blog and I’ve even tried out Gesso to prepare pages, which I haven’t done before, so I’m really enjoying how the course is panning out. I’m already planning an OTP that I’ve been agonizing about how to start in the past as there’s no easily available classes or groups where I live so my creativity is already receiving a jump start!
If you’d like to have a sneak peek at a needlecraft pattern Kerryanne is going to have available in the Willow’s Craft Room section of Woodberry Designs Boutique soon you’ll have to visit her Shabby Art Boutique Blog. While you’re there copy down the sweet treat recipe for yummy Jam Drops but remember to hide them from DH’s and kids if you want some yourself as they will vanish quickly.

Have fun J

Giveaway in bold colours

I know, I'm posting lots of giveaways again but there's lots of bold and/or bright colours in giveaways lately and I figure if I'm attracted to these then there's probably some of my readers/followers who'd like them too.
This time it's a 10 piece 1/2 yard bundle of Amy Butler's Soul Blossoms, big bold in-your-face flowers and there's a half yard of big pink dots in there too!
Go over to Koolbeenz Blog for a look and also have a browse through Cotton Blossom Farm's Etsy shop as there's some nice fabric bundles - love the dots and stripes ones :).