26 Aug 2011

On My Mind....Spring is coming

A few things that have happened in the last week or so to let me know that Spring is nearly here. Lucy Goose's first eggs, the Jonquils in flower, blossoms on the peach tree (and a bee!) and mother hen with her baker's dozen of chicks.

Happy Spring to those south of the equator :D.



20 Aug 2011

FNSI – Oven Glove

I wasn’t going to post this as I did just as much unsewing as sewing, it’s still not bound and I’m debating whether to finish it at all. Then I thought that it happens to all of us and might make someone else who has trouble sewing oven gloves/mitts a bit less disappointed when theirs goes awry.

This is the ‘nice’ view

Look, good fit!

However.......see the unsewn pieces?

I think I’ll sew the next one up a little differently so there’s not so many thick seams at corners and curves.

Hope everyone had a productive FNSI J.


19 Aug 2011

On My Mind...FNSI

Lol, I realised as I put this pie in the oven this morning that I've done it again......put my name down for FNSI (Friday Night Sew In) and forgot to post about it on my blog!! So there's no posts here about sewing until tomorrow but the chicken and vegetable pie is for tea tonight so I can have more time sewing instead of cooking and washing dishes :D. If you want to know about FNSI or join in go here. 
If you're interested to know about what's On My Mind with other bloggers visit Rhonda's blog.
I'm going to cut materials now : ).

12 Aug 2011

On My Mind - bags of stuff

I've been busy doing lots of things lately and the Tri-pocket tote is one of them. This one has been sent to my daughter and she's delighted with it as it will hold her folders, notebook, mobile phone etc. I have enough material from the op-shop to make about 4 more and these will be for sale on my stall as upcycled crafts at the markets at a local school at the end of this month. The pattern is from "Simple Gifts to Stitch" by Jocelyn Worrall and I borrowed it from my local library.
To view, or join in, with us in On My Mind pop over to Rhonda's Down to Earth blog.

2 Aug 2011

I'm a quilter but do you Wantobe too?

Ok, the Wantobe Quilter giveaways have begun and the first giveaway is very appropriate for a beginner quilter so click on the 'Just go Wantobe Quilter' button on the top left sidebar to see what it's all about. 
Aussies, we are 'about' 14 hours ahead timewise so each giveaway will end for us approximately 2pm on the following day AEST. Please note that it would be unwise to leave commenting until the last minute and also do check the timezones yourself as I'm no expert on this. Remember these giveaways go for 3 months so daylight saving changes could also be involved.
Good luck!