24 Aug 2010

Tuesday Treasures

This watch belonged to my Great Grandmother, Bertha Matilda, and was given to her by her husband George but I can't recall which important occasion it was a gift for - wedding, birthday or birth of a child. It is rose gold and has had a lot of use as it has little scratches and dents on it as Bertha believed in using things not letting them sit in a drawer waiting for a special occasion to wear them. It doesn't function anymore and I haven't enquired about having it repaired yet but one day, I just may be an eccentric and wear a working wind up watch again as Great Grandma Bertha liked to be different :)!

21 Aug 2010

Not much to show for a month

Ta-dah here's my completed mystery item. The  first photo is the top and second photo is the base. I've been calling it my 'Hat Head starfish' as the materials remind me of that location.
 It's a small wonder pincushion and I don't have a link but it's from the May/June 1997 issue of Quiltmaker magazine. Here are the other things I've done in 4 weeks that I should have posted earlier.
This is a needlecase made using Leanne Beasley's embroidery pattern from the Leanne's House Couch Companion. It is my first big embroidery effort and was done for a designer forum swap. I was pleased with how it turned out but I should have tried something with straighter lines for a first major project!
The quilt label below was quick to do but I had a mental blank and just couldn't think of something suitable to send my partner, Jeanette, so it arrived late. Lol, I did the template from a scrapbooking stamp I have so I guess I'll be mixing the 2 hobbies a bit in the future.

18 Aug 2010

Stitching and faux stitching

I've never stitched anything but buttons on cards and layouts before so to just stitch, or decorate something like it is stitched, is a new direction for me.

As the layout had to have real stitching on it I scrapped my sewing then bordered it with stitching. Seemed logical to me at the time!

This card was made with the thought of sending it to a quilting friend so the challenge sketch became a quilter's table with fat quarters stacked on one side and 'pinked', basted (faux stitching using a gel pen) pieces of fabric across the other with ribbon and 'calico' looking pieces, topped by a flower. The dimensional effect is a bit lost in this photo.

The little pockets inside were my own addition. Lol, I didn't crop that photo very well :p.

Just to top it off I won prizes with each of them on different sites :).

17 Aug 2010

Fabric Scraps box arrival!

I forgot to post earlier that I received my box of fabric scraps from Cyndi yesterday and was quite delighted with it. There's some really 'sheepy' looking fabric there that will make some nice stuffed toys. Lots of dotty pieces, striped lots and some novelty and floral fabrics as well as some that I'm calling 'scrapbook' fabric because the patterns remind me of scrapbooking papers I've seen!
I'll have to take a photo tomorrow after my quilting group and put it here >>

Tuesday Treasures

I finally remembered! This little chair was made for me by my much loved Grandfather about a year before he died. He covered it with bright red vinyl. I was 3 years old when he gave it to me. The frame is curved, welded steel. My step-father recovered it for my eldest daughter when she was 4. He couldn't find a similar red colour to the original so he chose this nice maroon. It has also been used by my youngest daughter. My eldest daughter will inherit it as I know she will look after it and treasure it as it was made with love and repaired with love.

14 Aug 2010

FNSI again!

Oh dear I still haven't finished the last item so I'll have to do that as I want to start (finish??) something new this time. Geniene has probably discovered what my mystery item is by now it's been there so long, lol. I must finish it and post a pic before this FNSI. Follow the link if you want to join us :).

Sunrise, Sunset

I wasn't going to have 'old' layouts on here but I'm a sucker for sunrises and sunsets and I did a recent layout on a sunrise as part of a Winter 'likes' challenge so I thought it wouldn't look right without posting the sunset as well. The sunset photo was taken in Summer 2009 and the sunrise, obviously, in Winter 2010. However, no artist will ever match what nature achieves every day :).


10 Aug 2010

More Challenges

I do lots of my scrapping pages from layouts in challenges. If I have a dead line I'm more likely to scrap the photos and as I'm still new to scrapping I can always find a photo/s that I think will fit the layout. It's even better if I have a bit of carte blanche on it as then I can add my own style into it as well.  Having done some more scrapping and charged the camera batteries yesterday, I woke up to find it's raining....again... and the light is terrible :(. I don't feel up to the challenge of trying to take a good photo on a day like this. As I'm still learning to use the manual settings on my digi camera posting photos will have to wait as the camera is still 'doing it's own thing' and I'm not happy with the photos I'm taking.

New blog plus a bag giveaway

Jill over at J.Rae Designs has an Etsy store and she sells bags. Very colourful bags, very nice! To celebrate her new blog and new enterprise she is giving away a bag but you'd best be quick as Friday the 13th (insert horror movie music here) August is when the giveaway closes.

1 Aug 2010

Another giveaway!

Just checking out Lucky's blog and spied a post that Stash Manicure is also having a Moda fabric giveaway plus a quilting book by Heather Mulder Peterson. My name's entered.....who could resist the chance for free fabric to expand their stash and a quilting book too ? : )

p.s. i quilt giveaway

Rachel, of p.s. i quilt, is having a sponsor giveaway of a delicious Moda 1933 jelly roll. Fresh looking flowers, dots, spots and stripes. Hurry over there before you miss out on a chance to win this!