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16 Jul 2017

Dribs and drabs

Hi all, I don't like posting only text in my blog posts but at the moment there are so many varied things and jobs happening that none are actually at completion stage. They are all being done in dribs and drabs. I feel like I'd be offering an unfinished book that has half a dozen side stories going, that intertwine and are necessary to the main one, and no completion date if I published the photos of the projects so far.

However, there's always time to enjoy a sunrise and an afternoon smoko break 😊.

RobynLouise XO

12 Jul 2014

Blogging elsewhere

I've had an interesting month with job searching, medical appointments and the cold weather that is preventing me from doing a lot of crafting. I really don't want to bore anyone with my daily tasks and I haven't done anything or been anywhere interesting lately.

At the moment my health needs attention and I am the only one who can rectify this if I don't want to end up on more medications.

So this month, hopefully on a daily basis, I will be posting my progress on my efforts on another blog of mine.

Feel free to visit and either cheer me (not too much or I could slack off) or chide me if I become too casual about it (more than likely at some stage :P). Keeping motivated to keep moving and keep monitoring can be a trial on your own, even if it is in our best interests, and critical comments are still social encounters - especially when delivered by friends.

As I like photos on blogs I'll leave you with a sunrise I managed to capture at SO's last month when I woke up freezing cold as he'd stolen all the blankets! At least this made it worth braving the chill and because I'd woken him up jumping up to dress, and grab my camera, I scored a nice hot cuppa and toast when I returned inside.

Click to view larger.

Robyn xo

14 Aug 2010

Sunrise, Sunset

I wasn't going to have 'old' layouts on here but I'm a sucker for sunrises and sunsets and I did a recent layout on a sunrise as part of a Winter 'likes' challenge so I thought it wouldn't look right without posting the sunset as well. The sunset photo was taken in Summer 2009 and the sunrise, obviously, in Winter 2010. However, no artist will ever match what nature achieves every day :).