31 Dec 2011

'Bye 365 days...Welcome 366!

Wrong New Year's Eve, right?

Every NYE I have a drink from this glass to remind me that we all make mistakes and we can all move on after them. It is half of a pair that my sister gifted us (my first husband and I) at our engagement party on that date 26 years ago. The only reason I keep them is the historical significance.
Oh No!.... not historical personal  significance but historical astronomical significance. That was the year Halley's Comet passed over the world and Australia in particular. You can see the interpretation of the comet on the other side of the glass and that's why there are stars and a partial moon also.
I should have realised that comets can burn out quickly and that's what happened to the marriage. It sizzled along for 3 years and went out with a bang and a lot of small after explosions. I'm left with a couple of satellites from the explosion in the form of 2 wonderful kids that I love to pieces and they love me the same.
Just goes to show that one can find positives in most negatives.
'Nuff  negative reminiscing....

Here's to a positive 2012...
New Year - New Experiences....lots of love, support and creativity and wishing all my followers the same and whatever else makes their universe turn :D! 


Footnote: please excuse the not so great photography – clear curved glass has its own reflective and mirroring properties that this amateur hasn’t worked out how to make work in a positive way and I haven't started on the wine yet :P. Another experience to add to the bucket list!

27 Dec 2011

Blog Anniversary and Giveaway

Today is the second anniversary of this blog. I must have been bored 2 years ago to begin another blog this time of year! I must also have had an empty house, like today, as I can't keep my train of thought with the other members of the household at home. Beats me why they never want a conversation when I'm not  at the computer!

I'm going to have a giveaway to celebrate actually having a blog that hasn't self-destructed or become impossible to update this time {thank you google and blogger :)}.
As 2012 is an Olympic year and the 26 January is Australia Day (I don't think there's been a name change though there's been a lot of noise about it) and my ancestry rivals Mr Heinz's variety of soups - like a lot of Aussie families who've been here quite a few generations... with DD12 adding another branch to the tree - I think an Aussie themed giveaway is the 'go'!
In true Aussie summer form there will be a BBQ apron. There will also be a pot holder for shifting hot trays of snags(sausages) to the table and an oven glove(mitt) for holding the tongs when you transfer the foil wrapped baked potatoes out of the hot coals into their tray! Of course before you have a BBQ you need to buy the supplies so a shopping bag is also a necessity and I'll add that to the giveaway.

This giveaway is open to ALL my followers for "putting up" with me and my irregular postings :D!
LOL, If you wish to become a new follower and tolerate my erratic ways then feel free to do so.
Closing date is midnight (AEDT - Australian Eastern Daylight Time or GMT +11) on 18th January 2012.

To enter just leave a comment telling me who cooks at your BBQ's, but more importantly, who cleans up afterwards!! Please ensure I have some way to contact you or you can contact me within a couple of days of the giveaway draw otherwise I will redraw on the afternoon of the 20th Jan 2012 (AEDT).

Good Luck!!


Baby Card Swap

I haven't been in one of these for ages so when SoulScrappers ran a Baby Card Swap I thought I'd participate as there seems to be a few babies on the way in 2012 between family and family friends. There wasn't a gender specific but the 10 cards had to be all the same so I tried to make a design and find colours that would allow recipients to add a ribbon, stamped border, flowers etc later to make it gender appropriate if they wished. My card is the striped one with the little feet on it.

I'd love to credit all the other ladies cards but some of them don't have the makers names on them and I'd rather credit all than some as they all make lovely cards :D!


23 Dec 2011

Christmas present to me

RIP to my old iron. After over 10 years my previous Sunbeam started having temperature control problems so I put it to rest.
This is the new replacement with safety auto off, a no drip feature and lots of steam holes in the base.

Of course I had to try it out and it beeps and flashes if I don't keep it busy or if I leave it standing with the sole plate on the ironing board when it's turned on. 
Here's to another 10+ years of hassle free ironing. Gosh I'll nearly be retirement age before I need to replace my third Sunbeam. Love a good product, especially Australian made!!

18 Dec 2011


Apologies to anyone who has visited to see what I was up to with FNSI. I had to 'lounge lizard' for the night as DD12 shared the virus she'd had earlier in the week with me and I couldn't figure out which part of me ached the most :(. I attended a celebration for a golden wedding anniversary last night (Saturday) and had to leave the party early as my energy level had reached zero.
I have been blog visiting today though and viewing some of the lovely items others worked on for FNSI. Cheered me up no end to see such nice work :D.
Lol, I think I'll overheat the sewing machine in the next week before Christmas Day!

13 Dec 2011

FNSI - last one for 2011!

I'm still working on presents! Is it just me??
Come and join in, especially if you haven't before, and check out some of the blogs afterward. You may be surprised.
I'm not doing bags this time either as too much of a good thing can be boring. More bags next year for the bag loving followers :).

11 Dec 2011

Misty summer intense

This is what I see if I'm out before the sun has broken though the mist. It's not fog to me as I think of fog as cold and clammy but this is light, soft, airy and makes everything look magical and surreal.

This is who comes along to help me enjoy my rambles.

The farm ducks

Senior farm cat

 How to keep your butt dry - sit on an old cow pat

 What's that...snuffle snuffle...

 Chasey 1

 Chasey 2

Find me now

Thanks for coming on a walk around the farm with me :D.

FNSI Results

Better late than never. 
Today was a dull, dark rainy day and photography light was not good but I did manage a few shots this evening when it brightened up a bit.
I'm still in bag mode so I decided to make a friend an unlined squared off shopping bag. I've re-arranged this pattern so many ways so not everyone has the same style of bag. Again, it's recycled/repurposed 100% cotton sheets courtesy of one of the local op-shops.

This was an all over print.

Squaring off was a bit tricky

 Of course the 'supervisor' had to inspect the finished product. Now I'll have to wash it as my friend is allergic to cats and I guarantee Miss Maddy has planted a hair on it somewhere!

Thanks for looking,

9 Dec 2011

On My Mind...Handmade Christmas gifts

This is a Friday feature over at Down To Earth that anyone with a blog can join. To take part, post a photo on your own blog, write a short caption explaining it and link it back to the Down To Earth blog by saying you're part of 'On My Mind'. Please write a new post, don't link to an older one. When you’ve done that go to Down To Earth blog and add a comment below the “On My Mind” post with a link to your blog. 

I’ve been in a few swaps lately and become a bit behind on some but the last one will be posted today.
These bags were made for 2 different Christmas swaps. If the tri-pocket striped one looks familiar it’s because it’s the second one I’ve made but the fabrics are reversed and the pockets have been modified. It was for an online swap at Our Craft Forum. The card holder below it was an added extra.

This Christmas colours one was made for a local swap and it’s the first lined one I’ve made and also the first with an inside pocket. I should have been making these before as they are easier than I thought and are done using a modified pattern of the grocery bags with the handles sandwiched between the layers of lining and outside fabric then topstitching along the opening for extra strength.

I can see me making a supply of these for future gifts in various sizes and maybe with pieced or patchworked exteriors.

Now I have some family gifts to make. Some have been begun and others are either planned on paper or planned in my head!
How are you going with your Christmas list?


8 Dec 2011

Down on the Farm....

This was the theme of a recent swap on Our Craft Forum. The requirement was the item needed to have something to do with farms so the scope was fairly wide. As boiled eggs are a favourite breakfast of mine, but the timing for having the toast and the eggs both hot/warm at the same time can be challenging and, I thought my swap partner may encounter the same problem, so I made her a set of egg cosies with some cheeky broody hens on to keep her eggs warm while she organised the toast.
Australia Post finally deigned to deliver them to her house (after nearly 3 weeks!) so I can now post a picture of them without giving anything away.



Thanks for visiting!


7 Dec 2011

Second last FNSI for the year!

Have you signed up yet? I have.
As well as working on Christmas pressies I can't wait to look at what everyone else has done. This time Debbie is donating a pattern and the material to make one of her great OOO RAH wallets.
Nip over to Handmade by Heidi and sign up for this Friday night, 9th December and have a look at the OOO RAH wallet while you're there :).

4 Dec 2011

Review - The Creative Mumpreneur

I've just purchased this 100 page E-book and after reading Chapter 1 and part of Chapter 2, and skimming the rest until I have time to read and appreciate it, I wish I'd had this book ages ago. There's valuable links to sites I didn't realise existed like the Australian Securities and Investment Commissions National Names Index, if I want to officially register the name I use at the odd local market where I sell my craft, and just as importantly a section on Copyright which is important if you don't want to wind up with legal problems for unintentionally stealing someone else's idea.
I've dabbled in trying to set up a home business before and this book has all the basics in one place that I couldn't find easily on the internet without trolling through lots of other stuff, as well as handy tips and suggestions  and it's written to be easily understandable. 
For this weekend only (3rd and 4th December 2011) Kerryanne of Woodberry Designs is offering this book at a special promotion price of $10, which is 50% off. Just click on the bookcover at the top right of this blog to have a look. You can become affiliated with the sale of this book too, like I did, just follow the links after you've clicked on the bookcover pic.