27 Oct 2010

November FNSI with Me and My Sisters

I've just signed up for this one as it's always fun looking at what others create and being part of it but also Heidi and Bobbi are being sponsored by Me and My Sisters Designs and I love the designs on these fabrics. Follow the link on the side bar to sign up by 19 November as there's probably a few Christmas presents you should be working on, just like me ;P.

19 Oct 2010

Feathered Friends

These are my treasures today. Whether you like vibrant colour or black and white they're all lovely. Some feathered friends who like to visit us when they're hungry, have been driven off course by storms or just need a holiday from their usual haunts! Top is a cheeky Rainbow Lorikeet then left to right, top to bottom in the second set are a Royal Spoonbill, Australian Magpie, Black Necked Crane (more commonly known by it's indigenous name in Oz - which is Jabiru), Little Cormorant and a group of Straw-necked Ibis (Ibises?). In the bottom pic the only only one who doesn't swim is the Magpie.
To find more Tuesday Treasures visit Clare's Craftroom :).

16 Oct 2010

Great Giveaway at Gail's

Drop in to here to have a chance to win some lovely items in a Blogtoberfest giveaway. I'd really like one of Gail's great fibre bookmarks but I wouldn't say no to the other things she's also giving away! C'mon, the more followers the more prizes :D.

8 Oct 2010

Aaaaaarrrrrgggghhhhhhh I HATE this!!!!!!!

Every time I start to work out how to operate all the little gizmos on blogger, Google changes it. I am IT challenged and it really p****s me off that I have to keep relearning this. I also have limited download and because of where I am it can be expensive so I did not appreciate going to my dashboard and discovering it covered in pictures from other blogs when all I need is a list to give me the first couple of sentences so I can decide if I want to look at a particular blog that day. As the 'new' look loaded itself in dribs and drabs it took about 15 minutes before I could find where to get rid of the pics and stop blogger marking the blogs as read if I scrolled past them :@! That was a pain in the A...

If there's not many posts in the near future, my sincere apologies, it's because they keep changing stuff and I can't learn it fast enough :(.

Hopefully I'll figure out the basics before FNSI on the 17 October.