20 Jul 2014

Nice and crispy and -3C!!

Good morning all!

SO(significant other) was up before the sun, possibly before the sparrows too as there didn't seem to be any around....probably had their feet frozen to the branches, poor little things! He did complain that "It's bloody cold here!" as he dressed. I languished in bed for another 20 minutes, by which time he'd had a coffee and was gone to attend to business. He doesn't muck around when there is something that needs doing.

I had a warming cup of tea, logged into the computer, checked emails and then decided it was too good a chance to miss so I found my backbone, and my camera, threw on a jacket and went outside around 7am to indulge in another hobby I've neglected.

This was my reward.

My car on the front sidewalk. Ice on the windscreen is about 6mm(1/4") thick!

Some weeds in the front yard.

The back yard didn't seem as frosty.

Lid of the 44 gallon horse feed drum. I nearly deleted this on the camera as I didn't think it was clear and the automatic shutter speed was only 80 with an f-stop of 3.2. When I viewed it on the computer though the blurry foreground was redeemed by the clear mid and back ground :). This is not a usual thing with this camera and in the future I'll think twice before deleting directly from the camera! Lol, one never stops learning :)

The raised frosted number on the lid of the 44 took my fancy too. It's like it's embossed in a different finish to the rest :).

The consolation to freezing mornings of the frosty type usually means a warm(ish) fine day. Hoping all my followers are having a grand weekend with lots of things to make them smile!

Robyn xo

15 Jul 2014



I've been a bit down in the dumps lately and didn't feel like blogging as I thought I had nothing interesting to say, apart from my health and fitness needing monitoring, which can be boring to others. I also have another blog for that!

Since I've moved I haven't made any new friends, the gardening possibilities are limited, it's a bit cold to craft, I haven't found any groups to join that interest me and finances are.....well I'd rather not say as it would include expletives as would the employment finding dramas!

Then I realised I had been neglecting friends who'd been there all along but with moving, bad internet and personal stuff I'd let the communications from my end stop.

So this week I've begun reconnecting with those who've given me great ideas, who think in a similar way to me and/or live a similar lifestyle (or the lifestyle I'm aiming for), who make me think and who've given me a laugh, or hope, when I'm feeling life isn't being fair.

It doesn't matter about the distances between us or the fact that we haven't met in person, it's just knowing that there are friends who share my interests, That will praise, congratulate, comfort, enquire and even chide if they feel it is necessary - all in good humour - with whatever I post.

This is a thank-you to all my blogging "pen-friends" who help me realise that life is what you make it. That there's highs to balance the lows and that positives can be found even in the most negative experience. To be grateful for what you have not what you'd like.

Robyn xo

12 Jul 2014

Blogging elsewhere

I've had an interesting month with job searching, medical appointments and the cold weather that is preventing me from doing a lot of crafting. I really don't want to bore anyone with my daily tasks and I haven't done anything or been anywhere interesting lately.

At the moment my health needs attention and I am the only one who can rectify this if I don't want to end up on more medications.

So this month, hopefully on a daily basis, I will be posting my progress on my efforts on another blog of mine.

Feel free to visit and either cheer me (not too much or I could slack off) or chide me if I become too casual about it (more than likely at some stage :P). Keeping motivated to keep moving and keep monitoring can be a trial on your own, even if it is in our best interests, and critical comments are still social encounters - especially when delivered by friends.

As I like photos on blogs I'll leave you with a sunrise I managed to capture at SO's last month when I woke up freezing cold as he'd stolen all the blankets! At least this made it worth braving the chill and because I'd woken him up jumping up to dress, and grab my camera, I scored a nice hot cuppa and toast when I returned inside.

Click to view larger.

Robyn xo