30 Nov 2011

Sense-ational Summer Comp

This is the third month of this six month competition with Soul Scrappers but we are only required to do one layout a month. Here are the 1st and 3rd challenges as I've only just realised I haven't taken a photo of the second challenge as that's when the computer crashed. Missed the points score on that one!

This comp is points scored and the highest total at the end of the comp wins the overall competition. There's also prizes for each section of the comp so you can jump in anytime to participate and have your go at being a winner.

The Smells of Summer (Challenge #1)

Compulsory item for this was the technique of stitching. I machine embroidered on some cloud fabric I had as I haven't machine stitched on paper or card before and thought I'd make a mess of it .Stitching through paper/card is not kind to your needles either. Bonus items for more points were using string, using ribbon, using a tag and 2 or more photos. I scored highest for best photo with these - thanks Mother Nature!

Journaling reads: "I love a storm coming in on a hot summer's day. You can smell the moisture in the air when the breeze blows and then when it does rain it's like the bush releases all it's aromas and suddenly it seems like you can smell every blade of grass, every tree and even the soil they are growing in all at once." January 19, 2011.

The Textures of Summer (Challenge #3)

Compulsory item for this one was distressing.  Bonus items were using a journal tag, staples, 3 different fonts in the title and ric-rac trim. This comp hasn't been judged yet.

Jounaling :" Rascal is showing Opal how to enjoy a nap in the soft cool grass under the shade of a tree on a hot day in Summer 2010. A cat always finds the BEST places!"

Hope you enjoyed viewing these,



25 Nov 2011

On My Mind.....Swaps and slow mail

This is a Friday feature over at Down To Earth that anyone with a blog can join. To take part, post a photo on your own blog, write a short caption explaining it and link it back to the Down To Earth blog by saying you're part of 'On My Mind'. Please write a new post, don't link to an older one. When you’ve done that go to Down To Earth blog and add a comment below the “On My Mind” post with a link to your blog. 

This is a sneak peak of a swap I mailed about 10 days ago to Queensland. My swap partner mailed to me a few days before I mailed where are our swaps now? I know it's near Christmas but it's usually only 2-3 days to/from mailing to this area :(.
Hoping everyone's mail arrives where it's supposed to and in the condition it was sent as AusPost seems to be dragging the chain a lot this year and it's not even December yet!

19 Nov 2011


Lol, I almost forgot to post this. Pardon the tassel, I had to make one and I haven't done it before. The tassels I had weren't where I thought they were so I  did a trial run of this stitching case and I'll keep it myself as a couple of things didn't quite meet so I'll need to alter the pattern a bit.


7 Nov 2011

Patience is a Virtue

I haven't gone AWOL but my computer has a couple of weeks ago. It did a big time crash and is still being sorted out so I have just been lent a lappy and it is definitely a learning experience. I'm glad I only have small hands and fingers or typing on it would be even more difficult. I'm so used to my old keyboard and having a mouse that trying to operate the lappy has slowed everything down by about 25%. Sincere apologies that there will be no photos for a bit longer but I hope to make up for it as there are 3 swaps,  a Christmas group swap and a sewing box I am progressing on that I want to post pics for. Thanks to a power outage this morning I have lots of catching up to do with communications and hopefully in a week or so I will have my computer back.

Cheers and happy sewing,