29 Jun 2012

Google has hijacked me!

That's the trouble with changing something and the fact that not all the information is offered when you change it :(.

The word photos has been highlighted, like this, in the previous post but Google did that and its advertising. 
It has just taken me about 2 hours to figure out how to opt out of this (technophobe here), find my followers buttons and rearrange the blog to how I wanted it when I changed it over. Hopefully it stays that way now unless I decide to alter it.

On reviewing just then I noticed the highlighted words change. PLEASE hover your courser over a highlighted word, until this is sorted out, to find out what it is before clicking or you may end up in a giveaway or something you don't wnat to see and aren't interested in!!


I also found a section that redirects the old blog name to the new one so I hope that kicks in. Previously the redirection happened automatically but I guess some people change their blogs to get rid of blog stalkers who are harassing them so it seems logical not to have the redirections happen unless the blog owner wants it to.
I don't know how long before the changes I made begin but all my following boxes are there so hopefully that means they can all find me again.

Sorting my photos for another photo post and I've found some beaut things to use on Picasa now that I've reinstalled it and can control where it makes pictures available. I like my privacy to be that, not strewn all over the net with longitude/latitude additions so EVERYONE knows exactly where I live!!


20 Jun 2012

Baking Fancies

I thought I'd restart my posting with some food photos as I've started baking more often rather than buying. Considering how long it takes to drive to town I actually save in time and money and there's no added preservatives, flavours or colours :D. It also helps that I have bake days where I cook all morning or all afternoon so that keeps the electricity bill down.

Making Bread

Apple Scrolls

Anzac Biscuits

Hope you are enjoying some home baking during Winter!