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23 Apr 2017

Baking Breads

I finally decided to give the breadmaker a workout again during the last week. A plain white loaf  was the initial warm up. The flavour was good and the texture wonderful even though the appearance was a bit wayward. PC said he won't be able to eat shop bread again!

This was followed a couple of days later by a fresh  herb and carraway loaf.  The fresh herbs were home grown coriander and lemon thyme and I had some dill, that I dried, from when I purchased fresh dill for another recipe. I will be making this bread again as it's a real treat.

Today was another white loaf but I baked it using  the preset timer just to familiarise myself with the procedure and see if the loaf tasted as nice as the first one. It did and it wasn't as wayward looking. Must be to do with the liquids being given a chance to slowly soak into the dry ingredients before mixing. We used it for our picnic lunch sandwiches. The bacon, onion and cheese pizza scrolls were handmade and they were well received. PC likes all the new taste offerings :).

Have you baked any breads lately?

RobynLouise XO.

19 Feb 2015

Busy week, gifts from nature and special mail :D!

It’s been a busy week for me as I “lost” my RMO last Friday due to staff shortages and then was rostered on Saturday with the regular work schedule so Sunday was catching up on things around the house – laundry, house cleaning etc and catching up on a few hours sleep. I also tried out some  additions to my sourdough baking and ended up with this. It's in the freezer until I finish eating the current loaf.

 I had my regular RMO on Tuesday and had a friend visit and even though Wednesday was a real “stinker” at work with the humidity I was rewarded with these lovely views of the evening sky when I took Flash for a walk after I came home.

 Shame they were only taken on the mobile phone as the colours aren’t what my eyes could see but if you “picture” almost iridescent blue skies and peachy orange clouds I’m sure you’ll see why I was entranced with the view J.

I discovered these on one of my pumpkin vines this morning as I was watering them and squashing 28 spot ladybugs. The leaf pictured below is what happens when these decide to chow down on your curcurbita!

This morning, when I arrived home from work, I took Flash for a walk across the park to the post office and collected the Soap by Sandy that I’d ordered a couple of weeks ago. Darn Auspost took their sweet time delivering them…..grrrrr. I love them! Some are for gifts and some are for me. They are currently sitting on the kitchen bench where I took this photo and the lounge/kitchen area smells divine J.

Hoping everyone else has a wonderful week too….or at least a few delightful days!

RobynLouise xo

22 Jan 2015

Bread, Fruit, Technology and Music....not necessarily in that order

I baked another loaf of sourdough a couple of days ago and though I'm happier with it than the first time I baked it it still split along the sides, even though I slashed it.

Oh well, practice makes perfect....or at least better and I'm saving about $3/loaf every time I bake one as they are about $4.50/loaf at the supermarket and full of additives.

I collected my new lappy from town yesterday and Matti is going to add stuff to it for me when I can manage to take it to her. Now I just have to learn how to drive it! I won't be using it just yet as I have no security on it so I'm stuck with the old dinosaur I've been using, *roll eyes*, so please bear with me in the photo - or lack of - department.

Also bought some guitar strings for Matti's 3/4 guitar that she gifted me as I'm going to finally learn how to play. It looks a bit bare without it's 'bling' on.....

but here's the 'bling'!

Yes, that is a spare 'B' string next to the packet of nylon strings. If I break the darn thing fitting and tuning at least I won't need to do a 30km round trip for another. I'll be using a few choice 'B' words if  I do break a string! I also shouted myself a clip on tuner so I don't have to muck around with tuning forks or need absolute quiet to tune it.
He he he he.....when I learn to play my first song, successfully, I'll buy a guitar stand :). Don't anyone hold their breath waiting for that though!

On the way home from the above trip to town there was a sign a few blocks from my house that advertised fruit so I dropped by and put my money in the honesty box next to the stand. $4 for the home grown watermelon and $2 for the rockmelon. They smell WONDERFUL after the scent less offerings at the supermarkets. (The mug is only there for size comparison.) 

I'm going to wrap my teeth around a sourdough, tuna and salad sandwich now and follow it with some rockmelon for dessert before readying myself for afternoon shift.

Have a great afternoon everyone, and for the Ozzies - a great long Aussie Day weekend coming up! Just remember we weren't the first inhabitants of this great country though.

Robyn XO

20 Jun 2012

Baking Fancies

I thought I'd restart my posting with some food photos as I've started baking more often rather than buying. Considering how long it takes to drive to town I actually save in time and money and there's no added preservatives, flavours or colours :D. It also helps that I have bake days where I cook all morning or all afternoon so that keeps the electricity bill down.

Making Bread

Apple Scrolls

Anzac Biscuits

Hope you are enjoying some home baking during Winter!