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23 Apr 2017

Baking Breads

I finally decided to give the breadmaker a workout again during the last week. A plain white loaf  was the initial warm up. The flavour was good and the texture wonderful even though the appearance was a bit wayward. PC said he won't be able to eat shop bread again!

This was followed a couple of days later by a fresh  herb and carraway loaf.  The fresh herbs were home grown coriander and lemon thyme and I had some dill, that I dried, from when I purchased fresh dill for another recipe. I will be making this bread again as it's a real treat.

Today was another white loaf but I baked it using  the preset timer just to familiarise myself with the procedure and see if the loaf tasted as nice as the first one. It did and it wasn't as wayward looking. Must be to do with the liquids being given a chance to slowly soak into the dry ingredients before mixing. We used it for our picnic lunch sandwiches. The bacon, onion and cheese pizza scrolls were handmade and they were well received. PC likes all the new taste offerings :).

Have you baked any breads lately?

RobynLouise XO.

23 Jan 2017

Cooking, cleaning and chickens

On the weekend, I tried my hand at baking in this. The second-hand oven should be installed soon but I needed a dose of home baking.

These are caramelised onion and cheese rolls. They need tweaking as there is too much butter in the recipe but I always make new recipes, as written, and adjust them when I make them again.

Here is the custard slice. A problem here was cooking this a shelf position too high.
I have noted both corrections and neither problem prevented each of these being edible J.

The last week or so has been decluttering and cleaning, both inside and out.

PC made me another shelf so I would have more storage space.

The box of crockery/glassware to be taken to the op-shop (charity store).

PC also cleared a rock or two from the peach tree garden so we can begin readying it for Autumn planting. Haha…I must research the removal of the rocks the previous owners left here, preferably to our profit! Anyone want some nice sandstone rocks, some come with attached moss and those with fairly level topsides are pre-tested by the resident moggy as resting areas?

The one with the red "hat" here is Biddy. The word "Biddy" has more than one meaning in Australia and it's not complimentary...

Yesterday the hens’ egg production dropped to 4 eggs again. Saturday was when I returned Biddy to the chook yard after ascertaining that she was laying eggs, however, in the week she was absent from the yard production rose from 4 to 6 eggs a day. Therefore, production was down by a third for the first month we owned them. So, from today, Biddy will be confined to the small chook pen and be company for the young rooster, as her overbearing attitude is preventing the two youngest hens from laying. We will need to sort out another housing alternative for them soon. As she lays 3 x 60g (avg) eggs a week she's not going to be chicken soup yet! :P

RobynLouise xo

20 May 2015

The Bucket List and other things.....

I had a doctor's appointment the day after my last blog post to have a small growth on my head inspected. Well, it was fine but I'd been feeling a bit tired and had a couple of head spins while in the waiting room and, as that had happened at work a few times in the previous week, I asked him to take my blood pressure. I knew it was in orbit and I was correct - 180/105. I thought I'd just go home and take the meds, I managed to exercise and diet myself off before, but doctor told me no meds, no strenuous exercise, go home and rest and come back in 3 days for a blood test. He wanted a clean test with no interference from drugs. The usual culprits - vitamin/mineral deficiencies, thyroid, diabetes and cholesterol.

Well everything was fine though I was a bit worried that my cholesterol was up to a total of 5.9 (from 4.9) again but the doc said as the triglycerides and HDL's were at very good levels and the LDL's were low he wasn't too bothered by the total reading.

So....I'm back on meds....again :(. Better than being dead though I suppose *silly grin*. Back to square one - repeat - till I'm off meds again. I'm blaming this on the work stress.

Meanwhile...over on my emails...... Booktopia were having a postage free sale so of course I went in search of the book I've wanted since it was printed and low and behold it was on sale too! Well I can't take my money with me if I cark it and I don't think the government taxes your books after you've gone so I purchased it, and a companion to it, and now I'll have something to read while I drink my green tea and snack on my homemade healthy goodies and can cross it off my Bucket List!

In a renewed effort to have more vegetables in my diet I tried out the Savoury Split Peas recipe on the side of that pack. It was quite tasty, though I did add some tabasco to it to liven up the other condiments, and filling as well as being cheap.

I've been doing some more baking and tried out this Pumpkin Fruit Cake Recipe I found on the internet as I couldn't find the original one I had. DUH!! I knew I had it somewhere safe  (I can just see and hear Matti May laughing) and of course I discovered it last night on the Recipes page on my blog after I'd made the pictured cake and started this post *picture me banging head on hand*. LOL, must be practising for senior's moments but I guess I can blame it on the vagueness caused by high blood pressure!!

I’m not happy with this recipe and I think I’ll go back to the tried and tested one I posted here.

There was a bit of rain around yesterday that kept me housebound and it was accompanied by thunder and lightning. The cat spent the day inside the house and the dog holed up in the shed outside. 

The front yard.

The back yard.

Nearly forgot! My lovely friend gifted me a selection of his brews.  Lol, I jokingly tell him that if there was some way I could clone him I would J. The bottle on the left contains Old, the centre one is Pale Ale and the one on the right is Mexican. I can drink them 3 weeks after the dates on the caps so I could have the Old now….if I could lower this damn blood pressure! Suppose it gives me something to look forward to….sigh….


22 Jan 2015

Bread, Fruit, Technology and Music....not necessarily in that order

I baked another loaf of sourdough a couple of days ago and though I'm happier with it than the first time I baked it it still split along the sides, even though I slashed it.

Oh well, practice makes perfect....or at least better and I'm saving about $3/loaf every time I bake one as they are about $4.50/loaf at the supermarket and full of additives.

I collected my new lappy from town yesterday and Matti is going to add stuff to it for me when I can manage to take it to her. Now I just have to learn how to drive it! I won't be using it just yet as I have no security on it so I'm stuck with the old dinosaur I've been using, *roll eyes*, so please bear with me in the photo - or lack of - department.

Also bought some guitar strings for Matti's 3/4 guitar that she gifted me as I'm going to finally learn how to play. It looks a bit bare without it's 'bling' on.....

but here's the 'bling'!

Yes, that is a spare 'B' string next to the packet of nylon strings. If I break the darn thing fitting and tuning at least I won't need to do a 30km round trip for another. I'll be using a few choice 'B' words if  I do break a string! I also shouted myself a clip on tuner so I don't have to muck around with tuning forks or need absolute quiet to tune it.
He he he he.....when I learn to play my first song, successfully, I'll buy a guitar stand :). Don't anyone hold their breath waiting for that though!

On the way home from the above trip to town there was a sign a few blocks from my house that advertised fruit so I dropped by and put my money in the honesty box next to the stand. $4 for the home grown watermelon and $2 for the rockmelon. They smell WONDERFUL after the scent less offerings at the supermarkets. (The mug is only there for size comparison.) 

I'm going to wrap my teeth around a sourdough, tuna and salad sandwich now and follow it with some rockmelon for dessert before readying myself for afternoon shift.

Have a great afternoon everyone, and for the Ozzies - a great long Aussie Day weekend coming up! Just remember we weren't the first inhabitants of this great country though.

Robyn XO

12 Jan 2015

Growing, making, earning and another new toy *cheeky grin*!

Yay, had some rain in the last week! The garden appreciated it. I'd planted some kikuyu runners in a bare patch in the back yard and they are thriving now. The fruit tree leaves have plumped up again too. The woebegotten looking strawberry plants have a new lease on life and I've put some sprouted spuds under some grass mulch near my pumpkin vines so hoping they respond well to the showers. Removed spider grass and some other self propagating plant from the front circular garden and planted dwarf corn kernels and yellow butter bean seeds. The main front garden has 3 lots of zucchini seeds in it where I cut and poisoned some self sown trees. I've pulled lots of weeds out the back while the soil is soft and the compost bin is full. Now if I can just keep the mad cat out of the pot near the front door that I've sewn mixed leafy greens in........

My sourdough mother is finished. I'm making some bread from it today.

Darn it! I had to report to Centrelink last week and unfortunately I didn't earn enough to remove me from their list because of the compulsory break over Christmas. Last week was the 9th week too so if I'd earnt above the requirements I wouldn't have to deal with them unless I registered for Newstart again. Now I need to start another 9 week above requirements earning stint....grrrrr...

OK whinge over :)

I'll blame my DD, Matilda, for this as she told me about it....hahahaha...
I'm in the process of arranging to purchase another machine that will help me destash but it may be a while till I can collect it from where it will be delivered and stored as that is about 200km away. Pics when, and if, I can.

I really must find a way to post photos again but that may have to wait until I have a new laptop. Disliking posting text only blog posts and as I'm starting to really settle in here now and restart my simple life I want to share it with my internet friends.


5 Feb 2013

Homemade healthy snacks

It's surprising how much energy a farm girl can burn up when she returns to school! Must be all those flights of stairs she has to traverse to go to and from classes. Her father has been buying packets of cream biscuits for her to take as snacks but they disappear as quick as yesterday's vege pie did and have much less nutrition.

The Down to Earth forum I am a member of has recipes for all sorts of healthy food and I found some homemade muesli bars that contain rolled oats, nuts, seeds, coconut and dried fruit held together with a can of condensed milk. OK, so the condensed skim milk has 60.9gm sugar, which is the equivalent of around 12 teaspoons of sugar, however, as a 250g packet of orange slice biscuits has 30.5g of sugar, about zero nutrition and little fibre it makes the muesli bars at around 900gm , full of fibre, vitamins, minerals and Omega 3 & 6, sound absolutely terrific even with the can of condensed milk in there!

I had to taste test one for breakfast and they are very yummy and very filling. I'll be good though and not be tempted too much as I don't know the kilojoule/calorie count on these :). The farm girl grabbed one for breakfast and ate it on the walk up the driveway to catch the bus. She likes them too.

Would you be tempted by these?

Robyn xo

4 Feb 2013

Fabric and Food

Now that school holidays in NSW have finished, the weather is more temperate and I have more time to myself there's a few projects I want to do.

I've cut this out and hope to work on it today, and tomorrow if necessary, as I haven't tried this pattern before.

I'll make it almost to the instructions but I think I'll alternate the zipper directions or do half with the zip pulls at one end and half with them at the other to reduce bulk. I'm doing it with quilting cottons too and it bothers me that the pockets may not be strong enough to hold coins but if I line them with a plain fabric I come back to the bulk problem. I'll have to think on it a bit more.

This little pile is, hopefully, going to end up looking like one of these 

I love their tutorials and always have a little giggle when Jenny, of Missouri Star Quilt Co., says to press it "to the dark side" because of another tutorial she did.

Meanwhile, if I'm sewing, who cooks? Duh.... me of course, so I whipped up an easy vegetable impossible pie last night thinking I'd have something to munch on for a few days as the "meat and 3 veg" crew don't normally touch my rabbit food. I also had to find a way to use up some more of my zucchinis *wink*. Looks like the ever hungry female teenager has decided she likes vege pies too as she must have grabbed a slice for her school lunch today!

Ah well, at least she'll be healthy :D.

Robyn xo

20 Jun 2012

Baking Fancies

I thought I'd restart my posting with some food photos as I've started baking more often rather than buying. Considering how long it takes to drive to town I actually save in time and money and there's no added preservatives, flavours or colours :D. It also helps that I have bake days where I cook all morning or all afternoon so that keeps the electricity bill down.

Making Bread

Apple Scrolls

Anzac Biscuits

Hope you are enjoying some home baking during Winter!