18 Apr 2011

Gorgeous Giveaway....

at Oops-la! A delicious layer cake, mouth watering Bali Pops Strawberry Fields fabrics and a brilliantly colourful Moda Workshop jelly Roll :D
Have a look at the boxes that have been made and the strip and freestyle quilts. I love the bright colours!

16 Apr 2011

FNSI - Firsts!

I finally did some sewing on a FNSI. These are firsts as I haven’t done a block since the first 12” block swap I went in years ago. They were the first blocks I ever made and the pattern wasn’t quite right so it was a chore to do them so I just winged it and hoped they turned out square and mostly the right size L.
I’m quite pleased with these as the points join nicely (I’ll ignore the fact that I had to unpick one seam twice!), they were evenly square before trimming and the 2 nine patches are12 ½” though I need more practice with the half square triangles on the bullseye block as it’s only 12 ¼”.
Yeah, I know, I’m a fusspot but that’s just me.
Nine patches are destined for youngest GD’s quilt and the bullseye is a sample and will eventually go into a sample quilt if it doesn’t end up being in a bag or something else that takes my fancy!

Apologies for the photo quality as it's raining here and the light isn't good.
Thanks for looking.

8 Apr 2011

Mug Wrap Swap

Last month I participated in the Mug wrap and Coaster Swap on Our Craft Forum and the theme was bugs.

My swap partner wanted Butterflies as her bugs and she likes blue.
I combined the scrapping embellishment idea with some fabric and blanket stitch for the butterfly and I stitched it on as I didn't think gluing was appropriate on a sewn item :D.
Both are lined with cotton wadding to keep the heat in.

The coaster photos are front(blues) and back(purple) of one coaster.

This is the mug wrap and coaster Sandra sent to me

I love the butterflies. The fabric on the other side of the items was a lovely pale apricot solid.

7 Apr 2011

SSGC #4 - Soul Music...

...starring songs from the Supremes. I chose a photo I'd taken a while ago and it fitted in nicely with one of the song titles we could use.

I didn't have any embellishments suitable for the scenery so decided to draw my bullrushes/cattails or whatever you like to call them. Unfortunately the shine of the Luminarte H2O glittery paint behind the title doesn't show well. For those outside Australia - a yabbie is a freshwater shrimp, yum! The bird is a black necked crane aka a Jabiru.
If you're interested in joining us click on the Glee Club button.

Done and displayed

Well it's been 3 weeks since I last posted and the time in the middle of that was spent visiting forum friends and revisiting places I've lived and finishing with UniDD's graduation. 
UniDD was delighted with the trial run, which was fortunate, as I had to do more unsewing and adjusting before she could wear it. Satin would not have stood up to all the handling/unpicking and as she said, the flowers on the trial one were the right red for the Uni gown but the red satin she'd chosen would have clashed. Whew!
Here is the end result without and with it's owner:

Forum friends, left to right - Me, Marg and Mary

and sometime photographer and co-driver my son, Konrad, who hates having his photo taken which is why this is about the only decent one I have of him during the trip!

I had to put this in as it's a temporary addition to the family until UniDD has new accommodation.
Meet Antoinette or Annie....

who has taken to farm life like a duck to water!