16 Apr 2011

FNSI - Firsts!

I finally did some sewing on a FNSI. These are firsts as I haven’t done a block since the first 12” block swap I went in years ago. They were the first blocks I ever made and the pattern wasn’t quite right so it was a chore to do them so I just winged it and hoped they turned out square and mostly the right size L.
I’m quite pleased with these as the points join nicely (I’ll ignore the fact that I had to unpick one seam twice!), they were evenly square before trimming and the 2 nine patches are12 ½” though I need more practice with the half square triangles on the bullseye block as it’s only 12 ¼”.
Yeah, I know, I’m a fusspot but that’s just me.
Nine patches are destined for youngest GD’s quilt and the bullseye is a sample and will eventually go into a sample quilt if it doesn’t end up being in a bag or something else that takes my fancy!

Apologies for the photo quality as it's raining here and the light isn't good.
Thanks for looking.


  1. Your blocks are coming along well. Love the colours that you have chosen and I look forward to your progress.

  2. I like the colours in the last block, nice and vibrant.

  3. Love the pink 9-patches and the last photo is one cool block!

  4. I thought I'd just comment here because if I comment on my page you wont see the reply.

    For me its not about being quick about getting work done, its more that I always have several projects going at once and I'm going through some personal stuff at the moment and need distracting, so whenever my mind was wandering I changed projects.

  5. lovely blocks Robyn,well done

  6. great blocks - remember, practice makes perfect LOL ;-)

  7. Thanks ladies. I don't normally do pinks but my DIL dresses granddaughter in pink a lot because it suits her so well and a pink quilt will be appropriate. The colourful block is my usual style.