28 Jun 2010

10th Follower!

Just blog hopping and thought I'd check on my own blog and discovered I'd gained  a couple of followers in the last 2 days. Wow, 10 followers, makes me feel special that these people want to look at my blog :).
So..... just on a whim because I'm excited I thought I'd send out a little gift to Geniene for bringing my count into double numbers. Lol, now to find something suitable tomorrow before I surprise her.

14 Jun 2010


Here is the monochromatic layout I did for a challenge. It had to be done on flowers, which could be any colours, but the background, embellishments etc had to be tones of the same colour. I already had photos of the water lilies from summer so I decided to use those and I chose the lilac as I already had a pad of amethyst (or lilac) papers I'd collected somewhere that I hadn't found a use for yet. Glad I live on a farm as there's always something to inspire me to sew or scrap :).


I've decided to keep the background as it looks sort of like our farm and it's not a fussy background with lots of items in it.

Lately I've joined a group called the Soul Scrappers and I've joined in with 2 swaps and a challenge. The swaps were ATC's  (Artist Trading Cards) and having never done a paper ATC I was quite pleased with my first tries.

These are other views to show more details.