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2 Apr 2017


You may have noticed the assistant/supervisor/observer in many of my photos, over the years, as she was born a couple of months before I started this blog. This is a bit of a tribute to one of my best mates, even though most of the time she is voicing her opinion or asleep, and the best little rodent catcher I've "owned"! She always knows the best places to sleep but still be aware of all the current events.

Apologies if I've duplicated a photo or 2 that have been posted previously.

Gardening is so physical that it's nice to have somewhere warm and comfortable to have a rest.
 Can everyone see the photo crasher in the background at the top left?

House chores
It's always difficult to decide where to begin house cleaning. From top left to bottom right in a clockwise direction - kitchen, bedroom, office or living room.

After "driving" the forklift all afternoon all one wants to do is curl up on a favourite chair, in the company of a friend, and have a snooze.

RobynLouise and the Mad Cat (aka Maddy) XO

18 Aug 2013

Neglected Blogging

I was just flitting around catching up on some blogs yesterday and today and I realised that I've been neglecting my blog followers as I've been spending more time than I should on facebook and also posting pics on facebook instead of here.
My new resolution is to post here FIRST from now on and link to fb as I can do that and just link relevant posts to fb, not the whole blog. It's wonderful how much freedom you can have with the internet if you just do some research on the privacy settings.....and have family or friends check to make sure you've set them properly! I'm not an IT whiz but I do my best :).

So here's a roundup of photos I've taken since my last blog post as photos say more than words can. I won't do captions as the photos themselves will give viewers their own thoughts/feelings about what they see.......and it's Sunday and I'm feeling too relaxed to do the "journalist" thing today. They are roughly in date order from 6 August to yesterday (17Aug).


Small comment on the horse and rider - she broke this thoroughbred in herself - it has taken her a few months as she is her Dad's apprentice. He was given to her as a registered yearling that the owner did not want to keep, he's just turned 5, and she's done a magnificent job making him into a quiet riding horse. Her next job - making him a stock horse.

Robyn xo

22 May 2013

Best spots?!

Winter has definitely arrived and the combustion stove is in use again. Miss Maddy usually likes to perch beside it on the brick divider that separates the stove from the wood that fuels it but the last couple of nights she's found a more comfortable spot.

What is it with cats and newspapers?

Madame Ginger (top right) thought she was the star until Miss Maddy decided to intervene in her photo shoot.
Ginger top left to bottom right: 
"Aren't I gorgeous?
Hey miss you're intruding!
Nooo, don't stop there.
I can still see you... keep going 
Finally. Now you can photograph my other gorgeous side!"
(Click on photo to enlarge)

Robyn xo

26 Apr 2013

Pumpkin Scones, strange bugs and a Guarden Cat

Finally made the pumpkin scones and remembered to take a photo. Recipe is on the recipe page. Apologies about the photo, these were the last 4 of the unfrozen ones and the late afternoon light doesn't do them justice.

Whilst rearranging the garden beds I came across this little fellow and as I don't know if it's a friend or a foe I took a photo of it. It's a bit bigger than a lady bug and could even be a type of ladybug. Google images and various entomology and insect identification internet sources have not come up with anything like it's patterning so I still don't know what it is.
I'd be really pleased if someone could help with identification as I've never seen a bug with this patterning before.

Of course I had my chief guarden (yes, the misspelling is deliberate) assistant out there keeping the birds, field mice and other predators out of the pumpkins and other vegetables. She's not quite blending with the garden decor as the leaves aren't turning orangey colours yet but she is camouflaged enough to startle a thieving bird when she moves to a more comfortable position :). She won't be happy when I remove the last of the shady weeds from her spot under the orange tree! Other people put up bird stands but I think I'll have to erect a cat one as the vege garden is the tubby tabby's favourite daytime place.

Robyn xo

1 Oct 2012

Views of the Week

So, I've been a bit slack posting but I have had my camera with me and these are a few highlights of my week.

I was in a potholder swap on DTE and my first partner let me down but I'd put my name down to be a swap angel as well so I was given someone else who hadn't received their swap to make a set for. They also made a set for me.

Potholders I sent (yes the yellow dot on the edging is a pin!)

Potholders I received - front


I love the FME!

My new partner did receive the potholders from her original swap partner so she now has 2 sets :).

A colourful, cheeky orange chewer

 A bit of a size difference....

 ...but they love to play together!

 It's bad when you have to find your own dinner.....

..and even worse when others expect you to share.

Reflections on a moonlit night

 A night prowler after her day's hunting

Robyn xo

15 Sep 2012

More harvesting and the mad cat

I collected these from the garden this morning and realised that I haven't posted any photos of the peas I've been picking as Miss13 and I have been eating them raw almost as soon as they are harvested!

It looks like a lot but by the time they are shelled there's about 3/4 of a cup. Another lesson learned -  3 metres of pea bushes is not enough for 3 people so if I double the rows it should be fine.

Absolutely nothing like the crisp sweetness of freshly picked!

It was chilly yesterday afternoon because of the wind and I think sitting in the kindling bucket  may have been Maddy's attempt to remind us we needed to bring in wood and light the fire in the combustion heater!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend :).


29 Aug 2012

Web Fascination

It was a cold foggy morning this morning and we haven't had one of those for a while as the wind has been fairly consistent. First thing I noticed was that I was unable to see DD catch the bus, but I could hear it slow and stop then start off again.

Where's the bus?

Not quite so foggy in the yard because of the tree cover.

Of course my assistant, Maddy, had to help out with the light settings and the view of the webs along the fence :P! 

The next thing I noticed was the bejewelled spider webs. 

Lol, you all thought I was going to talk about the internet web after the blog problems I've had lately, c'mon admit it! I know I've posted spider webs before but it still fascinates me how something so delicate, intricate, artistic and beautiful can be a means to the death of another creature. 

A web strung between the barb wire strands of the fence. Love the line of bigger 'jewels' at the bottom right where the spider has probably exited the web and smudged the dewdrops together :).

The web below is in the peach tree that is in the first photo. The sun was coming up and it changed the appearance of the web as the light changed.  Time difference between first and second photo  is 40 secs. Second to third photo is 2 mins.  The light breeze played a bit of havoc with the focus so there were some 'dud' shots in between.

What do you think - does my fascination for spider webs and their beauty make me a closet Goth, or just an appreciator of a natural art form?

Robyn xo

13 Jul 2012

Growing my Own....part two

Six weeks after the start of the cleanup began:

Top left : Bed 1 – peas and radishes growing strongly
Bottom left : Bed 1 – other end! I’m delighted with how the asparagus is multiplying. Another replant for them in a couple of months into another bed until they become 2 yr old crowns, by which time I hope to have a 3m x 3m permanent bed ready. Lol, I’ll have more  than enough of these when they are in full production. I think a bit more research before acquiring them would have been helpful but they’re here to stay now J.
Top right : Bed 2 root veges are sprouting nicely and a row of 2 leaf pak choi seedlings on the left of photo are enjoying having more space.
Bottom right : The microclimate and the fact they are planted in old compost has confused my strawberry plants as mid-winter is not when they are supposed to flower and fruit!

Top left : Soil testing throughout the bed making process showed a consistent level of 6.0-6.5 pH. Perfect for healthy veges J!
Middle left : A mass of worms with every forkful of soil turned was another common finding. I’m soooo pleased I don’t have to build up the fertility of the soil. 
Top right : Pak choi seedlings on the left of the climbing vines frame and snow pea seeds sown on the right. Pak choi will be mature about a third of the way into the snow pea’s growth cycle.
Middle right : Bed 3 with the first row of mixed loose leaf lettuce seedlings planted. Climbing vine frame in background.
Bottom : A mystery seedling amongst the kohl rabi! My guess is a melon of some description but it may be a jap pumpkin. It is now transplanted to its own pot to await developments.

Of course being an insignificant human I did require supervision during the later days of gardening to ensure I was doing things correctly....

Top left : Rascal - Lord of the farm cats – perched in the Mulberry tree
Bottom left : Ginger on the roof of the old duck enclosure
Top right : Maddy behaving
Bottom right : Maddy misbehaving

Hope you've enjoyed gardening with me!


11 Dec 2011

Misty summer intense

This is what I see if I'm out before the sun has broken though the mist. It's not fog to me as I think of fog as cold and clammy but this is light, soft, airy and makes everything look magical and surreal.

This is who comes along to help me enjoy my rambles.

The farm ducks

Senior farm cat

 How to keep your butt dry - sit on an old cow pat

 What's that...snuffle snuffle...

 Chasey 1

 Chasey 2

Find me now

Thanks for coming on a walk around the farm with me :D.