2 Apr 2017


You may have noticed the assistant/supervisor/observer in many of my photos, over the years, as she was born a couple of months before I started this blog. This is a bit of a tribute to one of my best mates, even though most of the time she is voicing her opinion or asleep, and the best little rodent catcher I've "owned"! She always knows the best places to sleep but still be aware of all the current events.

Apologies if I've duplicated a photo or 2 that have been posted previously.

Gardening is so physical that it's nice to have somewhere warm and comfortable to have a rest.
 Can everyone see the photo crasher in the background at the top left?

House chores
It's always difficult to decide where to begin house cleaning. From top left to bottom right in a clockwise direction - kitchen, bedroom, office or living room.

After "driving" the forklift all afternoon all one wants to do is curl up on a favourite chair, in the company of a friend, and have a snooze.

RobynLouise and the Mad Cat (aka Maddy) XO


  1. I think Maddy is showing us how it's done, clever cat. The one on the filing cabinet is a goodie.

    We had a similar colour cat called Barney. I remember at Mum and Dad's he would sleep on the heating vents from the ducted heating. He would get so hot but he kept going back. Mind you he was making us cold by blocking the warmth.

    1. Lol, Maddy's a great one for trying to crawl under the sheets with us for warmth.

  2. got to love our furry friends! love the photos!
    thanx for sharing