17 Apr 2017

Autumn April

As Autumn is finally here - weather wise - there’s been a few things happening around the garden and household.


propagation and planting,

harvesting - along with a little home produced craft and

the last flush of blooms.

Last Saturday we visited Murrumburrah/Harden and stopped by this place for lunch.

Some clever person made this to commemorate the cottage’s decade of trading after repair and refurbishment.

I spent much time looking at the handmade items there and even purchased one. A very nice lined and quilted sewing machine cover with a side pocket. It fits very well on my Janome Decor.

PC was very interested in the building itself and the original architecture.

Thanks for visiting!
Robyn Louise XO


  1. There is something about seeing eggs in a basket that draws me in. Autumn has been quite warm for us however like you just starting to change slowly now.

    I love little cottages like the one you visited. Usually so many interesting and different things to look at. I could sit there with a coffee and just take it all in. Sounds like you both had s great day.

  2. It wasn't so little as it had 5 big rooms and 2 small and that was without the rooms to the left of the entrance that were for staff only.