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17 Apr 2017

Autumn April

As Autumn is finally here - weather wise - there’s been a few things happening around the garden and household.


propagation and planting,

harvesting - along with a little home produced craft and

the last flush of blooms.

Last Saturday we visited Murrumburrah/Harden and stopped by this place for lunch.

Some clever person made this to commemorate the cottage’s decade of trading after repair and refurbishment.

I spent much time looking at the handmade items there and even purchased one. A very nice lined and quilted sewing machine cover with a side pocket. It fits very well on my Janome Decor.

PC was very interested in the building itself and the original architecture.

Thanks for visiting!
Robyn Louise XO

26 Feb 2017

Photo blogging

As the last 4 weeks seemed to have flown by, and my mind has been on other things, the blogging has again suffered. To remedy this I decided to use captioned photos for this post. Not my ideal type of blogging but it all has relevance :).

We were both busy and I am so glad PC is handy with many things.

Some reinforcing of wobbly legs, regluing and the dining
table is serviceable again.
After repairing the aircon it needed
to be placed back at the craftroom.
This freebie, courtesy of the local Gumtree site, will be great storage in the woodwork room with all those little drawers.

Just a little light gardening renovation from here...... there, until we sell some and rearrange the remainder.

My sewing machines that were serviced and repaired. The Janome QC wasn't serviced properly last time but it's all fine now. The Decor missed the picture parade as it just needed a quick clean. A little free advertising for the serviceman Neil Bunter (0429471751) as he did a champion job fixing the machines. When I had the EzyLock serviced, years ago, another repairer  told me to use it till it was skipping stitches  too much then throw it out!   I will have approximately another 33 years use from it now :D.  It stitches like brand new again! 
Thanks Neil.

My latest acquisition: a used Yamato 5 thread industrial overlocker. Just needed a really good clean and some lubrication. Neil told me to become used to the feed with waste fabric, until I could safely manage it, before starting practice with 3 threads and building up to all 5. The running speed is so fast the parts become a smudge not a blur! Makes the Janome domestic overlocker look positively slow.

The last few days I made a different  tallow based soap and this time I included Bramble Berry Pumpkin Lager scent. Of course I had to make it a lager looking soap, with a head, for the loaf mold. These cakes will be for gifts while the scented heart and cake shapes will be for our use. It's still a little soft 4 days later but there's 200g Sweet almond oil and the same amount of Olive Oil in it, for moisturising purposes, so I expect it to harden much more as it matures. It smells divine. :)

These little beauties have been growing and ripening for weeks now and I will be seed saving so I can grow some in the future. I think I eat more when weeding and watering than I do at other times.

That's all for now folks!
RobynLouise xo

1 Jan 2017

So long 2016, Hello 2017

It's been a quiet few days since last post and the end of 2016. Partially because my camera lead to the computer developed a problem and I couldn't download photos. There were some hot days in which flowers glorified in the sun....

.....some one decided this was the coolest place in the yard, complete with cold beverages.

I noticed the cherry tomatoes had set fruit after the first rainfall...

and  the end of the thunderstorms gave us a lovely light display!

2017 came in with mid to high 20 Celcius temperatures and a lovely partially cloudy morning that developed into some nice rain and cleared to a beautiful sunset in the evening as evidenced by my new blog header photo and the photos below.

Wishing everyone a New Year that is enjoyable, peaceful, filled with family and friends and is everything you make it become.


RobynLouise xo

23 May 2015

House or Home??

Today I was going to drive to some land that is for sale about 80km from where I live and look at its prospects for current horse agistment and possible future home site. However, I had a think about it and it’s really a waste of time at the moment as I don’t have the money on hand and I haven’t asked the bank if I am eligible for a loan. It was just an excuse to go away from here for a while and I was thinking it would make me happy to have a day out.

So I had a look at the list of “to-dos” on my fridge door and when I opened the vertical blinds I realised that I really wanted to use the closed in veranda, for something besides storage, and I need to do some cooking that I’ve been putting off for weeks. Then there are the weekly/fortnightly/monthly chores to do that are always “there”.

I realised that what would make me happy is to make this place truly my home as I’ve been a bit dispossessed the last couple of years and slept in my car in a park, stayed at youth hostels,  friends and relatives homes and in another rental that I really disliked.

I’ve started customising the garden but that’s not something that happens overnight, like customising a room can, and gardens change by themselves anyway – flowers bloom, trees lose leaves in Winter and grow new ones in Spring, grass needs cutting and weeds are always popping out of the ground. It takes a long time to truly make your mark on a garden/yard and it’s not like you eat/sleep/live in it.

Guess I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m going to be renting for a while, something I haven’t done in 30 years, and I may as well make where I live my home not just a house that protects me from the weather and keeps me secluded and separated from the world outside its walls. Time to start laying real building blocks for my new future instead of floating around in the clouds watching the world go by and hoping I find a silver lining. I discovered today that I am the one who has always made safe/comfortable places for myself, and the children when they were younger, not either of my partners as they were too busy doing their own thing and expecting us to fit in. That’s two of the mistakes I’ve made in my life and there’s probably countless others that have been forgotten along the way.

Now it’s time to properly pick myself up, I thought I had before but I was mistaken, dust myself off and make a place for me again – even if it is just a step on the way to where I’d really like to be I need to give it a solid base as ricketty steps are dangerous.


5 May 2015

Posts, Projects and Pleasant People

Well, I aimed to try to make one post a week – or 4 a month – on the blog when I started posting this year but I’ve already mucked that goal up as I only made 3 in April. Even though it averages out to 4 a month that’s not quite the same. It’s not as if I don’t have more than enough to post!

This last week I’ve been ripping out unwanted plants and discovering new areas to plant ones I do want. In other words….anything edible :D.

I tried a no knead sourdough recipe but I need to work on that some more as the timing for using the dough has to be correct. The temperature here could have been a bit on the cold side too.  I feel my effort could have been less dense and risen more and I don’t want to use yeast to do this. I have made no knead yeast bread already.

I’ve started some lemon/lime vinegar. The juice is frozen in ice cubes in the deep freeze or has been used in lemon/honey drinks, as salad dressing and also glazed roasted whole chickens.

After the letdown with the social evening I was delighted to have an early Mother’s Day present from my daughter in the form of a dinner for one at the restaurant where she works. She was my waitress for the night J. I had an entrĂ©e of Oysters Kilpatrick, a main dish with calamari and prawns and a yummy cheese platter for dessert with a very fine Sauvignon Blanc to wash it down.
I had my hair cut and coloured while I was over there too. It’s been a long time and as I’m off to the Riverina DTE meet up this weekend the photo will have to wait until after then .

I had a friend visit me yesterday with a box of goodies. There’s 2 jars of tomato relish, one of corn relish, the big jar is tomato pickle, and there’s one of fig jam. The bottle contains plum sauce. As you can see there’s also fresh granny smith apples – that taste unlike any I’ve ever had before as those were bought from stores and these are home grown – and a bag of walnuts. I’ve already depleted the apples by one, which is why there are only 3 in the photo, and started diminishing the walnuts and also opened a jar of tomato relish, which is really delicious.

All these lovely items were given to me in exchange for a bag of my homegrown lemons and limes as he wants them to flavour his home brew beer. I’ve promised him some lemon butter in the future too.  He made all the preserves and, just by the way, his name is Phil! There must be something about that name….LOL!


4 Feb 2015

Country, Cucurbitaceae and a Mad Cat

I finally put the strings on the guitar last weekend and have started relearning my chords and decided to learn how to play Little Bitty, performed by Alan Jackson as I like it and it has easy chords. Lol, more about that in the future!

My Cucurbitaceae, or pumpkins, are growing really well and starting to form flower buds.

I'm already hoping for a bumper crop and thinking soup, scones, fruit cake, open face pies, roast pumpkin, pumpkin/roquette/lentil salad.....I'd best stop as I'm making myself hungry!

The dog, Flash, and I went for a walk Monday evening. We didn't anticipate having another attendee but our fool cat decided she was coming and wouldn't be chased home. Miss Mad Cat decided that we were walking too fast so yowled loudly and continuously every time she thought we were too far ahead of her. I called her and slowed up a little but she had to run to catch up with us each time as I knew if I stopped she would just collapse and want her head or belly rubbed *roll eyes*. I'm really hoping this doesn't become a habit as it means I can't go far or fast and walking is my means of exercise and helping to keep fit and control my weight. A busy main road crosses one end of our street and our street is also the main entryway to the village so I can't really leave her and hope she returns home of her own accord.

Robyn xo

12 Jan 2015

Growing, making, earning and another new toy *cheeky grin*!

Yay, had some rain in the last week! The garden appreciated it. I'd planted some kikuyu runners in a bare patch in the back yard and they are thriving now. The fruit tree leaves have plumped up again too. The woebegotten looking strawberry plants have a new lease on life and I've put some sprouted spuds under some grass mulch near my pumpkin vines so hoping they respond well to the showers. Removed spider grass and some other self propagating plant from the front circular garden and planted dwarf corn kernels and yellow butter bean seeds. The main front garden has 3 lots of zucchini seeds in it where I cut and poisoned some self sown trees. I've pulled lots of weeds out the back while the soil is soft and the compost bin is full. Now if I can just keep the mad cat out of the pot near the front door that I've sewn mixed leafy greens in........

My sourdough mother is finished. I'm making some bread from it today.

Darn it! I had to report to Centrelink last week and unfortunately I didn't earn enough to remove me from their list because of the compulsory break over Christmas. Last week was the 9th week too so if I'd earnt above the requirements I wouldn't have to deal with them unless I registered for Newstart again. Now I need to start another 9 week above requirements earning stint....grrrrr...

OK whinge over :)

I'll blame my DD, Matilda, for this as she told me about it....hahahaha...
I'm in the process of arranging to purchase another machine that will help me destash but it may be a while till I can collect it from where it will be delivered and stored as that is about 200km away. Pics when, and if, I can.

I really must find a way to post photos again but that may have to wait until I have a new laptop. Disliking posting text only blog posts and as I'm starting to really settle in here now and restart my simple life I want to share it with my internet friends.


9 Jun 2014

Gardening and Crafts

I've been a bit busy over the last few weeks as I was involved in an online craft swap, had gardens to prepare and plant, did some cutting out of items I need to sew AND found myself a part time cleaning job :D! I've started baking my own bread again and am slowly stocking up the freezer but you've already seen plenty of pictures of cooking in the past so I won't bore you with those. Oh, I bought myself one machine whilst looking for a completely different type of machine *roll eyes*. Mi bad!!

As there's been a lot of typing going on with other interests and job applications I thought I'd just do a bit of a photo journal this post - with captions.


The peas and carrots are progressing.

Strip garden at front of house is planted to dwarf kale and rocket (roquette/arugula).

The garlic has popped up and the extra kale is potted.


The DTE "Learn a new skill Swap".

 My swappee, Alison's, gift to me. Two knitted cotton dishcloths, a blue one with my initial on it and a white one with a horse head on it; 3 lovely cocoa soaps; a tub of body butter and a sinus stick.

My gifts to Alison.

A cut out card.

The outside of a stand-up card. 

Inside of above card.

A pop-up card.
Inside of above card.

 A shaker card.

 Inside of above card.

Machine Purchase

This is the machine I bought for $100, hardly used......when I was supposed to be looking for a whipper snipper to help tame the garden!

These are the accessories, besides the foot pedal and protection case, that came with it.
The photos of the items I have cut out will have to wait as I need to sew them together first!

Hope everyone is enjoying their cooking, crafts and gardening :D!

Rob XO