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2 Jul 2017

First Day (Night?) of Winter

It was officially Winter here on the 1st of June, however I think it was Winter, thanks to Mother Nature, last night as it was absolutely freezing at -5C! The dog's and the chicken's water containers had an inch of ice on the top that needed to be broken and the containers placed in the sun. What really surprised me though was this:

See the ice in the top right corner of the container?

I have been sprouting wheat in large flat trays to give to the hens and I keep it on the bench in the laundry. The laundry is outside and is usually fairly warm, due to the insulation in the roof/walls, in Winter. I was stunned to discover this, especially as it was 10am, when I found it!

Strangely enough it was a lovely warm day and I could garden in just a t-shirt and jeans.

Robyn Louise XO

8 May 2017

Autumn Activities

The last couple of weeks have been a mix of relaxation, warming winter food and either planting cold season crops or feeding and mulching areas for the Winter so they will be ready for planting in Spring.

Sunday 23 April we met with my daughter, her partner and her friend at Iandra Castle, Greenethorpe - which is about 45 minutes from home - for an open day and took our picnic lunch. A fitting place for PC and I to go :). The property has a few open days a year and we will probably attend the next few to see the changes in the season in the gardens.
Here are some outdoor views and the sale sign when the property was subdivided in 1916. The property was huge and I want to locate the history as the owner was revered by the locals due to the services etc he implemented for the area.


 It would take too long to decide which of the inside views to post as there were so many interesting things, so, if you ever visit Young, NSW,  Australia then type this into your computer search engine - -  and reserve a whole day to look at it. It's definitely worth it!

Mmmmm...... A couple of Winter warmer recipes I've recently discovered online. Both meet the approval of PC....I'm having a run of success there!
The one above is Teriyaki Chicken and the one below is Chick Pea and Vegetable Curry.
Both can be frozen and reheated but the curry goes a tad mushy due to the vegetable content.

There's been some more rain this week. Only a few millimetres but the seedlings virtually jumped out of their trays. PC dug out the old grape vine and softened the soil for the pea seedlings to go along the east fence in the next few days. I've been researching and I can grow a fig tree in the conditions here, so when the stump of the other tree is removed, it will be replaced with a brown turkey as that is what I have had success with before in extreme summer heat and frosty Winters.

Right -This is a close up of the white patches in the above garden. We had our first frost today! No wonder I felt half frozen when I climbed out of bed this morning...brrrr.

The moss on the rocks appreciates the recent moisture as well. I thought frost may hamper it's growth but it seems to thrive on it.

I'm looking forward to much observation and note taking during my first Winter here :).

RobynLouise XO

2 Jun 2015

Tempting, Toothless, Temperatures and Tasty

Look…look….I found a local who sells free range eggs! $4/dozen if you collect and $5 delivered. I fried 2 to have with my bacon this morning and they are the freshest, most golden eggs I have had since I had my hens on the farm 2 years ago. Nothing like the flavour of a fresh egg. I could be tempted to eat lots of these poached, fried and scrambled but I’ll be good and use most of them for cooking. Beats the beejeebers out of the pale runny “organic” eggs you can buy from the supermarket. She only lives a couple of blocks away too. Another thing I love about living in a village J.

I was eating crunchy ANZAC biscuits last night and thought one bit was overcooked then realised I was a bit short on the eating equipment! Excuse the "morning face" WYSIWYG!!

Thank goodness for friends to ask (thanks Di!) and Dentists on line and that they have a vacancy tomorrow. Doesn’t change the fact that it’s going to cost me a couple of hundred dollars L.

BRRRRRRRR………it’s definitely Winter!! By CRIKEY it was cold last night! I lit the fire in the wood stove again but made sure I stacked some extra wood in it before I retired for the night. There was a nice crispy first of the year frost in my back yard at 7.30am when I finally dragged myself out of bed. Didn’t think to take a photo but everyone who’s lived with it knows what a good frost looks like – right? So I thought I'd post a picture to make everyone in the cold climes feel warmer.

Made myself some chicken stock yesterday in the slow cooker using chicken necks and then added to it to make chicken and vegetable soup for lunch today. Nothing like hot homemade soup on a cold day. The ingredients are all purchased but I hope to change that in the future, well except for the chicken, but then maybe I can find someone around here who will give me a non laying freebie or sell it to me cheap.

Cheers to all plus keep warm wishes to those in the Southern Hemisphere!

20 May 2015

The Bucket List and other things.....

I had a doctor's appointment the day after my last blog post to have a small growth on my head inspected. Well, it was fine but I'd been feeling a bit tired and had a couple of head spins while in the waiting room and, as that had happened at work a few times in the previous week, I asked him to take my blood pressure. I knew it was in orbit and I was correct - 180/105. I thought I'd just go home and take the meds, I managed to exercise and diet myself off before, but doctor told me no meds, no strenuous exercise, go home and rest and come back in 3 days for a blood test. He wanted a clean test with no interference from drugs. The usual culprits - vitamin/mineral deficiencies, thyroid, diabetes and cholesterol.

Well everything was fine though I was a bit worried that my cholesterol was up to a total of 5.9 (from 4.9) again but the doc said as the triglycerides and HDL's were at very good levels and the LDL's were low he wasn't too bothered by the total reading.

So....I'm back on meds....again :(. Better than being dead though I suppose *silly grin*. Back to square one - repeat - till I'm off meds again. I'm blaming this on the work stress.

Meanwhile...over on my emails...... Booktopia were having a postage free sale so of course I went in search of the book I've wanted since it was printed and low and behold it was on sale too! Well I can't take my money with me if I cark it and I don't think the government taxes your books after you've gone so I purchased it, and a companion to it, and now I'll have something to read while I drink my green tea and snack on my homemade healthy goodies and can cross it off my Bucket List!

In a renewed effort to have more vegetables in my diet I tried out the Savoury Split Peas recipe on the side of that pack. It was quite tasty, though I did add some tabasco to it to liven up the other condiments, and filling as well as being cheap.

I've been doing some more baking and tried out this Pumpkin Fruit Cake Recipe I found on the internet as I couldn't find the original one I had. DUH!! I knew I had it somewhere safe  (I can just see and hear Matti May laughing) and of course I discovered it last night on the Recipes page on my blog after I'd made the pictured cake and started this post *picture me banging head on hand*. LOL, must be practising for senior's moments but I guess I can blame it on the vagueness caused by high blood pressure!!

I’m not happy with this recipe and I think I’ll go back to the tried and tested one I posted here.

There was a bit of rain around yesterday that kept me housebound and it was accompanied by thunder and lightning. The cat spent the day inside the house and the dog holed up in the shed outside. 

The front yard.

The back yard.

Nearly forgot! My lovely friend gifted me a selection of his brews.  Lol, I jokingly tell him that if there was some way I could clone him I would J. The bottle on the left contains Old, the centre one is Pale Ale and the one on the right is Mexican. I can drink them 3 weeks after the dates on the caps so I could have the Old now….if I could lower this damn blood pressure! Suppose it gives me something to look forward to….sigh….


4 Jan 2015

Oh, Google works again and my little treats!

One of my NY aims was to try and blog more frequently but Google decided to put a spanner in that yesterday when I couldn't even log into my gmail, let alone reply to blog posts or make a new post. Looks like everything is back to normal now though.

I treated myself yesterday as I went for a look through Spotlight and Lincraft. Very disappointed in Lincraft as the shop looked scruffy with fabrics etc not put back, boxes of half unpacked items in the aisles and only a couple of staff that I could see, but spied a pair of pinking scissors in Spotlight that were 30% off, and I've wanted a pair for years since mine were lost but cringed at paying about $25-30 for them. These only cost me $13 so I'm very pleased. Spotlight had plenty of helpful staff too and the shop was very tidy considering the amount of shoppers there.

I also bought myself a 200gm Christmas box of Lindt chocolates for $5 at Woolies when I grocery shopped. Doesn't hurt to have a little treat every now and then :).

Slightly overcast day today and I'm hoping it will rain as after two 41C days I think the area needs a cool wet break.

Robyn xo

28 Feb 2013

Up, down, round and round....

Well, since the 22nd the flood water has come up and the flood water has gone down.

I made some fig jam from the harvested figs (ok, I can hear some of you sniggering behind your hands so  just behave!).

I indulged in Booktopia's 9th birthday sale and bought $165 worth of books for $55, including postage. Oh there's an extra copy of "Love Notes" and "Sewing for Children" that I bought as gifts :).

I did an op-shop round looking for something else and found these. Leather upper and rubber sole for $3, barely used. Just what I need for wet days and Winter.

Another type of round. 
Now that she's finished moulting our oldest hen (9 year old Wyandotte) decided to let us know she was still worth her feed by gifting us with a large egg. She averages around 6 eggs/month but she makes it worth the effort! The comparison egg is from our first year layer.

Lol, why lay 2 eggs when you can put 2 yolks in the one container :D.

I bought these yesterday and of course the rain finally dried up today. Hmph, should have bought them a fortnight ago...grrrr. Ah well, I'll have them for the next rainy day.

To finish off for the week, and the month, there's the mystery box, which arrived on the same day as the box of books. I know the contents but it will be a mystery for the time being as to what I do with it in the next couple of weeks. Some of you may know from posts I've made on the DTE forum. Any guesses?

Robyn xo

13 Oct 2012

Weird weather

Yesterday was a miserable day like being back in the middle of Winter, icy winds, cloud cover but not much rain, we even lit the woodfire last night. Not very conducive to doing aything crafty and though I checked the vege garden I decided watering could wait as it was more likely that I would be the one becoming wet.

Today is a turning out nice as the air is still and there's no clouds. The dogs are having a nice run and I think I'll sit outside and soak up the sunshine and warmth while I have a cup of tea, then I'll water the garden.

Robyn xo

11 Oct 2012

Hello Possum, it's raining now!

 Hello Possums, my other little possum showed itself the other night (9Oct) though it's been rousing on us from the pencil pine next to the house frequently. This time the rousing was a bit more distant, and my dog jumped up and down the River oak trunk, so it wasn't difficult to know where Poss was.

As Poss is posh and wears a white dinner vest with his suit and tail(s) he's easy to spot :D.

The rain finally decided to arrive so when it stops there's a new vege bed being constructed because now I won't end up with back ache and sore muscles trying to level it up. The vege beds here need to be terraced because of where the garden is. I must remind DH to finish fencing the paddock area adjoining the garden so I can plant the zucchini, pumpkins, melons and any other vines I fancy or it will be too late to bother as the hot weather will be arriving in a few weeks.

I love the patterns the falling rain makes on the water.

Robyn xo