8 May 2017

Autumn Activities

The last couple of weeks have been a mix of relaxation, warming winter food and either planting cold season crops or feeding and mulching areas for the Winter so they will be ready for planting in Spring.

Sunday 23 April we met with my daughter, her partner and her friend at Iandra Castle, Greenethorpe - which is about 45 minutes from home - for an open day and took our picnic lunch. A fitting place for PC and I to go :). The property has a few open days a year and we will probably attend the next few to see the changes in the season in the gardens.
Here are some outdoor views and the sale sign when the property was subdivided in 1916. The property was huge and I want to locate the history as the owner was revered by the locals due to the services etc he implemented for the area.


 It would take too long to decide which of the inside views to post as there were so many interesting things, so, if you ever visit Young, NSW,  Australia then type this into your computer search engine - -  and reserve a whole day to look at it. It's definitely worth it!

Mmmmm...... A couple of Winter warmer recipes I've recently discovered online. Both meet the approval of PC....I'm having a run of success there!
The one above is Teriyaki Chicken and the one below is Chick Pea and Vegetable Curry.
Both can be frozen and reheated but the curry goes a tad mushy due to the vegetable content.

There's been some more rain this week. Only a few millimetres but the seedlings virtually jumped out of their trays. PC dug out the old grape vine and softened the soil for the pea seedlings to go along the east fence in the next few days. I've been researching and I can grow a fig tree in the conditions here, so when the stump of the other tree is removed, it will be replaced with a brown turkey as that is what I have had success with before in extreme summer heat and frosty Winters.

Right -This is a close up of the white patches in the above garden. We had our first frost today! No wonder I felt half frozen when I climbed out of bed this morning...brrrr.

The moss on the rocks appreciates the recent moisture as well. I thought frost may hamper it's growth but it seems to thrive on it.

I'm looking forward to much observation and note taking during my first Winter here :).

RobynLouise XO


  1. Sometimes I forget it's winter in Australia now.
    Stay warm Robyn. xx

  2. Almost! The cold weather is quite late this year and it's nearly the end of Autumn. Messed up the planting schedule with the extended hot weather then sudden cold :(.

  3. I've just finished planting winter seedlings due to the weather being slightly warmer than usual. It is certainly cooling down now though.

    I love it when you try new recipes and the family enjoy them. I've made a red lentil curry for tonight to be served over rice. Even the smell whilst cooking makes you feel warm.

    Stay nice and warm.


  4. Hi Robyn,

    The frosts seem to be early this year. Usually we don't get them until later closer to August. Glad to hear you had some rain, that always boosts the plants.

    What a beautiful place Landra castle seems to be. Must keep that place in mind next time we are over that way :)

    Have a great week,


  5. Lol, it's Iandra with an "i". Sorry the text was misleading.

    1. Haha that would probably be because I didn't have my glasses on! Whoops lol!