18 Jun 2017


We often let the hens out in the front yard, particularly on a weekend. They love it.
Weeding and fertilising
Watch dog so adventurous hens don't trespass in back yard where the veges are growing.
 Mumma hen also had a residential relocation.....and we supplied a bodyguard for her and her offspring. She keeps him a wingspan away at the moment but I think he'll be more than a bodyguard soon. After playing second in charge to Figjam since he was a "teenager" he's very pleased to be allowed to flap his wings and crow without receiving a physical chastisement! I'm considering which breed of hens to add to his flock as I'd like some meat producers without purchasing commercial meat hens.
He also needs renaming as "Junior" doesn't sound dignified enough now he has a missus and kids!

The perfect end to a lovely Winter's day.

Robyn Louise XO


  1. My daughter and I read your post together. We love animals especially dogs and chooks. We look forward to Junior's new name.
    Love their bodyguard.
    Beautiful sunset.

  2. I like that your daughter shares reading blogs.

  3. Robyn, it looks like you have made your blog private. I got an error message with the first invitation but the second one worked. Thanks. Were you still getting the spam? I am still getting one or two a day on my first post in the 'popular posts' section and have started reporting that to Google. Blogger picks the spam up but it still goes through to my gmail which is a pain.

  4. Chel, all anonymous gmail is now blocked. I have made blog public again as I don't want to block followers, as obviously, blogger isn't picking up all names of those allowed to view :(. I'll need to check how to report to Google. Thanks.

  5. Thanks for my laughter, I did not realise how much I miss having chookadoos.

  6. Robyn I have had five anonymous comments already today so might have to block anonymous ones too. In gmail on my PC I get the option to report an email but don't seem to on my iPad.

  7. Sheesh! As far as I know if you don't reply to them they can't hack your email as the messages are coming via Blogger, so your email address is unknown to them. They seem to do "rounds" of the telephone calls from the call centres....grrrrr....but it is still annoying to need to deal with it.

  8. Never a boring moment at your place. Watchdog looks quite alert. That sunset is gorgeous. Such vibrant colours.


    1. Lol, yes I should blog more often to keep up some weeks!