16 Jul 2017

Dribs and drabs

Hi all, I don't like posting only text in my blog posts but at the moment there are so many varied things and jobs happening that none are actually at completion stage. They are all being done in dribs and drabs. I feel like I'd be offering an unfinished book that has half a dozen side stories going, that intertwine and are necessary to the main one, and no completion date if I published the photos of the projects so far.

However, there's always time to enjoy a sunrise and an afternoon smoko break 😊.

RobynLouise XO


  1. Sounds like you are busy at the moment.
    We had a slightly pink sky early yesterday and I thought that looked stunning. Your sunrise and afternoon pictures are amazing. Gorgeous photos and such warming colours. If I was sitting on one of those chairs I wouldn't be able to take my eyes off the sky.

  2. The colours had assistance as the farmers have been burning off stubble and many homeowners around here still have wood burning heaters. Makes it impressive when the smoke haze is backed by rain clouds because the whole range of yellows through to purple tones are all visible :D.

  3. Such a beautiful sunrise. I love being up in time for the start of the morning, watching that first glow on the horizon that signals the new day. Meg:)

  4. We also have some glorious sunsets :).

  5. Beautiful, love the colours.