19 May 2016

Starting over.......in one way

I'm making a habit of ignoring my blog since I've moved here. Must be the fact that split working shifts muck up the body clock and the physical work involved with commercial cleaning wears one out. I thought I could settle here but it's not happening. I can't find the rhythm and routine in my life any more. It's been mostly eat, sleep and work and I'm not enjoying my everyday life. Hence no blogging as complaining won't change anything.

I've been made an offer, from someone I've been spending time with, that I've accepted and as soon as the lease on this rental expires in September I'm moving again.

Lol, and I can usually find a country song that will fit the situation!

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Robyn Louise

17 Jan 2016

Thank goodness...

for blogger!

Hunting through my computer looking for the recipe for my tallow soap and couldn't find it. Feeling a bit off this weekend with a bug I've acquired so it took me a while to remember that most "new" stuff I try always ends up on my blog and that's where it is!

Right here! It's been nearly a year since I made that batch and I'm on the last cake now but I have interspersed it with  Soap by Sandy and some cakes gifted to me by friends and I also gave a few cakes away. I may have to buy some soap to tide me over until this batch cures :(. I've run out of coconut oil too so may have to nick into town this afternoon to grab some, as well as some top up groceries as I won't have time through the week.

LOL, I still have a kilo of lard in the freezer that is waiting to be made into soap so I'll need to cobble together a recipe for that. Thank goodness for this site or I'd be in a fix trying to make different soaps.

Hoping to have more time to be blogging again as with my work hours I only seem to post the odd comment on Facebook and I am still unable to search fb. My blog is almost my online "diary" of simple living and I'd be lost without it now as I've posted so much on here over the years.

No new year's resolutions this time but I will try to keep this updated more often.

YEAH I KNOW!....you've all heard that before then I forget for a while as life becomes busy. This is the longest break away from blogging though in the 6 years of this blog. Well, busy or not, I have some very supportive friends here who've kept me afloat during bad times and cheered with me during good ones. I hope they are still around after my neglect of them.

Robyn Louise XO

p.s. - I found my camera so that's another plus!

2 Jul 2015

Everything is falling into place....finally...

Well, after gaining my forklift licence on Friday I walked a couple of blocks on Saturday to purchase some free range eggs from a local lady that I've bought them from before. She has a horse but told me she is sending it over to her daughter's so they can ride together as she doesn't like riding alone. This will leave her paddock vacant and she offered it to me for my mares as she knows I am trying to find agistment. We haven't discussed remuneration yet but I think it will not be much as she said she's NEVER had to feed her horse while he's been in the paddock and she'd have to slash it without him there as the grass just grows and grows. I still have to look at the paddock but it's nearby so I could probably walk or bike to it to check on the girls. Hoping for a good tax return now so I'll have the money to freight the girls over after I check out the paddock.

Yesterday morning, at the winery, a forklift driver friend of mine told me to see the staff management guy, who I know, about holding a forklift licence. I was cleaning the lunchroom, in the afternoon, and the staffer popped in to post a work roster for next week so I advised him. Consequently, after work this morning, I dropped by his office and he photocopied my temporary licence. The production manager, who is also a referee on my resume, was there and he suggested to the staffer that a bit of "moonlighting" (the guy has a great sense of humour!) driving forklifts at the winery would help me gain experience. The staffer agreed. Now I just have to wait for it to be made legal *big cheesey grin*. The driving experience will also be on Line 3, which is the winery section I clean. I felt like doing cartwheels!! Hoping some permanent employment, that also has "forklift licence an advantage" in the advertisement, becomes available at the winery soon.

On my way to the gym today I visited the Post Office and sent off the paperwork for my permanent forklift licence. Pleased to say the necessary photo that was taken looks much better than my car driving licence photo *giggle*.

First time at the gym in about two weeks and first time on the pec deck as that is replacing the bench and freeweight exercises I was doing because, as the weight and repetitions rose, it began to affect my sway/scoliosis affected back. Also my second time doing box pushups instead of wall pushups and I've reduced the repetitions to 8 for the box ones from 15 when I was doing wall pushups. Wow, do they ever make my chest and bicep muscles work and without putting any strain on my back. In the near future I'll add the lat pulldown machine to my workout to strengthen my back muscles more. I really must start riding my bicycle again too but I think I'll need to buy or make some warmer pants as, with the current 10-12 deg Celcius temps, it's not a good idea to make your own breeze by riding a bike!

RobynLouise XO

26 Jun 2015

I passed, I passed, I passed, I passed!

As of this afternoon I am now legally able to operate a forklift. I am soooooo looking forward to a whole range of new employment prospects opening up :D!

This is the forklift I was trained and tested on. I had to bend it through the cone line in forward and then reverse it bending through them again as part of the training.

Robyn Louise xo :D

19 Jun 2015

New experience

I was going to post updates on my knitting and some sleepy cat photos but something more important to my life has arisen so the R&R stuff can wait.

I have spoken to my boss and he has allowed me to change my working hours for next week to fit in with a course I am doing from Tuesday to Friday. It means working/learning 15.5 hours Wednesday and Thursday, 12 hours Tuesday and 9 hours Friday (that'll be easy....if I don't fall asleep!). Thank goodness I'm rostered on to work this Saturday and not the same week as the course.

What am I doing you ask?

I'm training to be a forklift driver!! :D

I figured if I can drive a 4.5tonne GVM truck with 3 horses loaded on it around the hills/corners surrounding Kempsey for years then I can balance an equally breakable load of packaged wine casks/bottles around winery warehouses. It will cost me over a week's current pay to do the course. One of my friends at the winery said not to forget to claim the course fees on my tax and that having a forklift driver's ticket is a definite bonus to gaining a job at the winery. He should know as he's a packaging manager there.

Wish me luck :D!

I'll try to find a few mins each day to take a pictorial record to post here as this is a bit of a milestone for me.

RobynLouise xo