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17 Jun 2017

Wet Worms

I checked the worm farm a few days ago and discovered that very cold nights make for morning condensation and strange things grew in my worm bed.

On the other side though the worms seemed fine and there was no offensive smell. 

The top tray and the middle tray were quite soggy, though the inhabitants weren't affected. 

I added oat straw troughs in the bedding to soak up moisture. Also, spreading the bedding more evenly through the 3 layers, as well, will assist in evening out the moisture.

After I emptied out the worm fluid, into a container, the bottom tray was layered with dry straw/grass and then the worm farm remained open in the sun for a couple of hours for the moisture to reduce.

As I won't require worm castings until Spring I'm trying to breed my little workers over Winter and I'm thinking that the longer, shallower bathtub (the one underneath) will make a nice new home for some of my worms in the near future.

Any advice on increasing worm populations and creating a worm habitat in a bathtub, from those who have done this before, would be most appreciated 😊.

Robyn Louise XO

28 Mar 2017

A bit of this and a bit of that....

MrHM made a request to know what's happening on the 'farm'. To this end I'll be doing a daily update for the last few days of March. It also gives me an excuse to play with the photo arranging :).

After the rain last week these began popping up. The huge ones on the left are some kind of toadstool I think as they are completely enclosed. The centre is a regular mushroom and on right is the underside. Shame the rain was so heavy it impregnated them with sandy/clayey dirt as there were enough to fill a 2 litre ice cream tub.

The dwarf beans also benefitted from the rain by shooting up about 15cm and flowering. The difference in sizes is due to staggered planting times....and an ant bean seed eating invasion...grrrr.

My worms are breeding up nicely and making lots of fertiliser. The bottom tray (left) is worm cast and some adventurous worms, Middle tray (centre) is filled with shredded paper to 'catch' those who venture down from the top tray. The shreddings are also damp from worm wee so they can be used as compost for the garden. Right picture is some bedding from the top tray and the, hopefully, worm free bedding/cast from the top feeding tray separated into the box to be used to either make worm tea or as compost or a potting mix addition.

I had begun to remove these  a few weeks ago as we had no idea what bulbs they were. Now that they have flowered I think I'll keep some and plant clumps of them in various places as they are so cheering to look at. I will research what they are as well. Anyone care to help by naming them for me?

The end of the day today and my two "assistants" are having a rest. They are good mates to each other as well as to us.

RobynLouise XO

28 Jan 2017

Blocks and Worms!

Last Wednesday we had a great find. There was a notice on the local Facebook BSS (buy, swap and sell) that a paving company had pallets of blocks/pavers for free as they were old display stock. Well we acted immediately, with a phone call to the number provided, but even though only 5 minutes had passed we were one of 3 takers for the offer!
We were stunned at how much they gave us and decided to use the blocks for the beginnings of a 3 bay compost bin.          

There are still 2 smaller stacks of paving blocks and flat pavers that are not used yet but are earmarked for part of a BBQ and outdoor eating area in the future.

I collected a parcel of worms sent by mail today. 2000 red, blue and tiger compost worms for my worm farm. It is a pre-loved worm farm that we received from a relative. Thanks Steph 
I waited until it cooled down this afternoon to place my little composting friends in their new home.

Above - Box of worms, bucket of organic compost, worm farm lined with wet newspaper, worm blanket.
Below left - PPE gear. Did you know you can contract respiratory problems from breathing compost because of the bacteria it contains?
Below right -  My workers in their new home.


Dinner Time

Tucked into bed

Set up for the future

RobynLouise XO.