10 Feb 2018

Clothing Recycling

I am spending too much time with Facebook lately, though it does have some benefits. One of which is a local group, that I am involved with, that posted this link on their page. It is a 15 minute video that was made in November 2016 that describes what happens to the excess of clothing that goes to op-shops (charity/thrift stores) in the UK/USA/Japan. I wonder if a similar occurrence happens to the Australian excess. I think some of the comments of those interviewed could be more true than we would like them to be.

There is still much fabric to be sewn in my craftroom and I will be giving more thought to what I make from it and how much use it will have. I really dislike waste and I'm trying to reduce as much as I can in my life.

Robyn XO

3 Feb 2018

My EU problem

After a 6 month hiatus from blogging I decided to start posting again on the first day of February, only to discover Google had decided I had to add something to my blog to comply with EU cookie compliances but as I couldn't understand what they meant, and I couldn't access my blog to fix it, I was very concerned.
In my searches for how to remedy this I stumbled on a way to contact Google about it so I sent them a message explaining the above and adding that I was not techy (my exact phrase), I was still trying to figure out Windows 10, my blog had been around for nearly 9 years and it was beyond my ability to keep up with all the new upgrades, all the time.

I didn't receive any acknowledgement of my message but, in true masochistic style, I just had to check my blog today to see if I could sign in.

Someone, possibly a technician, had corrected my access and cookie message problem and by using a checking method provided by geopeeker I was able to see what an EU country reads on my blog header.
The grey band with the white print is the latest addition.

I didn't think to write down the process when I was trying to figure this out as I was quite distressed about it.  I'm hoping that others who suddenly discover they need to add this to their blogs aren't locked out and can figure out how to make the alterations or how to ask Google for help.

Robyn xo