18 Apr 2012

Redecorating, refurbishing and renaming....

Thanks to those who commented on the impending blog and name change.
I’m working on it.                                             
Being bored with my template/layout, and with administering too many blogs, I decided today was the day to start doing something about it! After reorganising my template and my layout I imported all of the Paper, Pens, Paste and Things posts. That was an interesting experience as I assumed that the gadgets etc would come with it and the WHOLE blog would just be transferred then the posts integrated into this blog according to their posting date.
Not so!
With both blogs open on the screen I then proceeded to copy, post and save all the bibs ‘n’ bobs from PPPT to the sidebar here and readjust widths so photos didn’t intrude into the sidebar and the gadgets were where I wanted them.
I’m soooo glad I haven’t posted a lot on the other blogs and, as they are time limited to not exceed the end of this year, they can stay where they are!!
Due to the closing down of the PPPT blog I’ve decided to put off the name and URL change here until the 1st June 2012 to give my followers there a chance to either change to this blog or decide I’m too finicky to be bothered following anymore J.
It will also give me a chance to find a URL that isn’t already used. Six of the ones I’ve tried are non-active blogs and haven’t been posted on in over 4 years and 4 of those only have the one initial entry! Another one has a few pages but hasn’t been used since 2002 L. I do wish people would try to delete blogs they no longer use so the URL’s are free for others to use. Finding a URL I’m happy with is the problem as once I have one that “fits” me I can change the blog name whenever I like…though that may irritate followers and visitors a bit, LOL.

2 Apr 2012

A Change is coming......

and this year has already had a few ups and downs. I find I'm not content just blogging about sewing here as that's not my only interest and I'm not prepared to start yet another blog as I have 3 others already and may merge one of them with this blog. 

I also hate waste and to start a new blog, to me, and abandon this one would be a waste of what I've done so I'll do what I do with old clothing - recycle, renew and reuse.

Therefore this blog is in for another name change and will become a journal of what happens on, around and regarding the farm and its inhabitants rather than just a sewing blog though sewing will still be part of it.  One I won't feel funny putting pictures of a new calf on, or of hubby breaking in horses or the farm cats doing something unique. 

I'm not great with naming anything but animals, and then others think I've given them strange names, but I'll enlist the help of the offspring and maybe this time I'll come up with a name that isn't remotely like another 10,000 plus blogs!

Thanks to the followers still living in hope that I'll start posting more regularly again :D

Cheers for now,