26 Mar 2017

Photo collages

Part of rearranging my blog involved locating a free photo editing program. After much searching I found one and it is The reason I liked this one, apart from it being free, is that I can create collages with it and I can download any edited photos/collages to my computer for future use without having to save them in a file online. This appeals to my sense of privacy. I created my new blog header with it.

It is also handy for upgrading the bad photos that my mobile phone takes, where the colours are washed out because the phone is trying to add more light, as it doesn't have the settings a true camera does. I took this one on the way home from Kempsey. It is from the Cowra side of Bathurst and I'm glad I could edit it to show how magnificent the colours actually were to the naked eye. I particularly like the bright orange arch above and slightly to the left of the road.

RobynLouise XO

11 Mar 2017

WIP on this blog

I'm currently re-arranging my blog as I want to add some new gadgets and change the layout around.
Please follow the example Maddy, aka the Mad Cat, has taken as I'm away for the next week and won't be able to work on it as much as I'd like.

RobynLouise XO

8 Mar 2017


There's always one hen that just won't be happy laying in the nesting box in the chook pen!

RobynLouise XO

4 Mar 2017

Berries and bugs

There's a "weed" in my garden that I know as a dyeberry. I've been cultivating them as I'm going to start a self sowing crop of them in the chicken yard as hens love them. They usually only grow in Summer so I will need to sow some now and see how I go with drying the berries so I can sow them next Spring.

I have no idea what this "weed" is but the flower is very pretty. I may have to see what this develops into and if  hens eat it too.

My little aphid eradicators were all sunning themselves earlier this week but as soon as I brought out the camera they scuttled off. It took me ages to take this photo as each time I turned a leaf the quick little beasties shot off across it and ducked "under" it again. Lol, people say kids and pets are difficult to photograph but I think a minute 6 legged bug is a real test of one's ability!

RobynLouise XO

26 Feb 2017

Photo blogging

As the last 4 weeks seemed to have flown by, and my mind has been on other things, the blogging has again suffered. To remedy this I decided to use captioned photos for this post. Not my ideal type of blogging but it all has relevance :).

We were both busy and I am so glad PC is handy with many things.

Some reinforcing of wobbly legs, regluing and the dining
table is serviceable again.
After repairing the aircon it needed
to be placed back at the craftroom.
This freebie, courtesy of the local Gumtree site, will be great storage in the woodwork room with all those little drawers.

Just a little light gardening renovation from here...... there, until we sell some and rearrange the remainder.

My sewing machines that were serviced and repaired. The Janome QC wasn't serviced properly last time but it's all fine now. The Decor missed the picture parade as it just needed a quick clean. A little free advertising for the serviceman Neil Bunter (0429471751) as he did a champion job fixing the machines. When I had the EzyLock serviced, years ago, another repairer  told me to use it till it was skipping stitches  too much then throw it out!   I will have approximately another 33 years use from it now :D.  It stitches like brand new again! 
Thanks Neil.

My latest acquisition: a used Yamato 5 thread industrial overlocker. Just needed a really good clean and some lubrication. Neil told me to become used to the feed with waste fabric, until I could safely manage it, before starting practice with 3 threads and building up to all 5. The running speed is so fast the parts become a smudge not a blur! Makes the Janome domestic overlocker look positively slow.

The last few days I made a different  tallow based soap and this time I included Bramble Berry Pumpkin Lager scent. Of course I had to make it a lager looking soap, with a head, for the loaf mold. These cakes will be for gifts while the scented heart and cake shapes will be for our use. It's still a little soft 4 days later but there's 200g Sweet almond oil and the same amount of Olive Oil in it, for moisturising purposes, so I expect it to harden much more as it matures. It smells divine. :)

These little beauties have been growing and ripening for weeks now and I will be seed saving so I can grow some in the future. I think I eat more when weeding and watering than I do at other times.

That's all for now folks!
RobynLouise xo