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28 Dec 2016

Do you name your hens?

PC and I were chatting about the hens this morning and he mostly ends up laughing when we do this. He’s amused as he inadvertently named our rooster a day or two after we acquired our Silver Wyandotte flock because of its behaviour.

The rooster's name is FIGJAM. 

When you go into the hen house or yard FIGJAM struts around with his head up and his chest out and if you talk he “talks” back like he’s answering you. Also, when you pick him up, and then put him back on the ground, he doesn’t run off but steps away in a dignified manner and shakes himself – all the while chastising you in various tones. I think he’s still indignant that I clipped his flight feathers, on one wing, the day we brought him here to ensure he stayed and didn’t try the option of flying over the 5 foot high gate.

RobynLouise xo

18 Jun 2017


We often let the hens out in the front yard, particularly on a weekend. They love it.
Weeding and fertilising
Watch dog so adventurous hens don't trespass in back yard where the veges are growing.
 Mumma hen also had a residential relocation.....and we supplied a bodyguard for her and her offspring. She keeps him a wingspan away at the moment but I think he'll be more than a bodyguard soon. After playing second in charge to Figjam since he was a "teenager" he's very pleased to be allowed to flap his wings and crow without receiving a physical chastisement! I'm considering which breed of hens to add to his flock as I'd like some meat producers without purchasing commercial meat hens.
He also needs renaming as "Junior" doesn't sound dignified enough now he has a missus and kids!

The perfect end to a lovely Winter's day.

Robyn Louise XO

28 Mar 2017

Busy, mischievous chooks

I've always delighted in watching any chooks that I've owned. I love hearing them "chat" to each other and I've acquired a group now that also "chats" to me and follows me around whenever I'm doing jobs outside. The rooster, Figjam, is a real comedian without even trying. He reminds me of Basil Fawlty. His partners do what they like and he pretends to run the place and strides pompously around making noise about it.

The flock was allowed run of the 3 acres last week and, of course, they wandered down to the pile of grass/weeds behind the compost bins and turned it over for me! The closed off north-western section of the chook run is flourishing after the rain and will provide some greens for them over the colder months.

Sunday I noticed the dye berries were ripening in the eastern sheds so I collected those and they had a mini feast.

Yesterday, I discovered some naughty girls had found a nice corner (far left back in picture), in the back shed adjoining their run, to lay their eggs. PC had left the side door open so they had alternate shelter in case it rained heavily, spoilt chooks....and closed the main double entry doors. I closed off the access last night to encourage them to use their nesting boxes again. Lastly, Henrietta likes to supervise anything I do around the chook pen/yards so she had to jump up and investigate the eggs when I placed them outside to take a photo.

RobynLouise XO
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