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3 Apr 2017

Snip, snip?

No, more like whirrrrrrr.....

I gave PC a haircut today. Man deserves a medal for being so brave :P! It didn't come out too bad - considering he has about 6 crowns and his hair grows in 50,000 directions.....hahahaha......

I won't be allowing it to become this long again. Fear of messing it up delayed the procedure but made the eventual clipping take longer than expected as the hair kept clogging the clipper blades. It's not as even as I would have liked either. I'm looking forward to some pillion rides on the motorcycle now he can wear his helmet comfortably though :).

RobynLouise XO

14 Apr 2013

The NEW me?

Well, not really, as I've had my hair short since about October last year but I had it restyled and shortened again before Christmas 2012 and I've also lost a few kgs so my face looks thinner. The photo on the left was taken today, on short notice, as I needed a face shot for a forum I'm in. I'm dressed in a daggy old men's shirt I slob around home in. I look a bit different to a photo I took 2 years ago, on the right. Look how chubby my face is in that one, there's no cheek bones!  Move over moonface Bert Newton! That's why I'm not posting full body ones - too embarrassing as being short I look really round while I'm overweight! Another reason for wearing oversized shirts.

Follow up cholesterol blood test tomorrow so I'm hoping the weight loss, exercise and change of diet has shifted some of it out of my blood stream. My goal is not so much to lose weight but to eat and exercise my way to no prescribed medicines if possible and a BMI between 21-25. The latter is looking acheivable as I've dropped it 2.2 points to 27.7 in the last 6 weeks. I've discovered BMI isn't about your weight it's about your fitness as I've lost this much weight before but hardly made any impression on my BMI.

No hoping about this, there's going to be a new me before Spring and I'll need all new clothes. Ones that show off a bit more of me rather than hiding it :).

Robyn xo

4 Oct 2012

The 7 Year Itch

About every 7 years or so I become tired of having long hair so I have it cut - very, very cut.

This is what it looked like before

This is, mostly, what was removed as there was a little more trimmed to shape it and add a couple of inches to straighten out the waves

And this is the result

Much cooler for summer! Now if I could just trim the body as easily as you trim hair....??

Rob xo