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17 Apr 2017

Autumn April

As Autumn is finally here - weather wise - there’s been a few things happening around the garden and household.


propagation and planting,

harvesting - along with a little home produced craft and

the last flush of blooms.

Last Saturday we visited Murrumburrah/Harden and stopped by this place for lunch.

Some clever person made this to commemorate the cottage’s decade of trading after repair and refurbishment.

I spent much time looking at the handmade items there and even purchased one. A very nice lined and quilted sewing machine cover with a side pocket. It fits very well on my Janome Decor.

PC was very interested in the building itself and the original architecture.

Thanks for visiting!
Robyn Louise XO

7 Jan 2017

Decluttering, cleaning and the Home Journal

This week has been setting up for the beginning of my our life here. PC has gifted me his woodwork room for my craftroom as he said he can enclose the bays behind the garage and place all of his machines and tools for woodwork in there as it's outgrown the space available.

There is still some tidying and cleaning to do and lots of unpacking as most of these boxes contain craftroom items.

We've also begun our DTE Home Journal but it's been interesting settling into a routine while needing to be away all day for a couple of days this week.

There are still items like the freezer inventory, completing the Christmas wish list, the master to-do list (that is a WIP here!) and a few other pages but we've made a start. 

One step at a time, hey :) . We are trying to be organised before the end of January 2017 so the remainder of the year will be scripted and we can just flow along with the story we've written.


9 Jun 2014

Gardening and Crafts

I've been a bit busy over the last few weeks as I was involved in an online craft swap, had gardens to prepare and plant, did some cutting out of items I need to sew AND found myself a part time cleaning job :D! I've started baking my own bread again and am slowly stocking up the freezer but you've already seen plenty of pictures of cooking in the past so I won't bore you with those. Oh, I bought myself one machine whilst looking for a completely different type of machine *roll eyes*. Mi bad!!

As there's been a lot of typing going on with other interests and job applications I thought I'd just do a bit of a photo journal this post - with captions.


The peas and carrots are progressing.

Strip garden at front of house is planted to dwarf kale and rocket (roquette/arugula).

The garlic has popped up and the extra kale is potted.


The DTE "Learn a new skill Swap".

 My swappee, Alison's, gift to me. Two knitted cotton dishcloths, a blue one with my initial on it and a white one with a horse head on it; 3 lovely cocoa soaps; a tub of body butter and a sinus stick.

My gifts to Alison.
A cut out card.

The outside of a stand-up card. 
Inside of above card.

A pop-up card.

Inside of above card.

 A shaker card.

 Inside of above card.

Machine Purchase

This is the machine I bought for $100, hardly used......when I was supposed to be looking for a whipper snipper to help tame the garden!

These are the accessories, besides the foot pedal and protection case, that came with it.
The photos of the items I have cut out will have to wait as I need to sew them together first!

Hope everyone is enjoying their cooking, crafts and gardening :D!

Rob XO

28 Sep 2011

Saving the Snow Leopard by Crafting

I couldn't be classed as a greenie or a tree hugger but I am a cat and animal lover as well as a crafter. A blog I visit had a message this morning that appealed to my sense of justice as it helps people learn new crafts and keeps them living in harmony with their furry neighbours, that they used to trap and kill in the past, as well as providing them with an income to help them live.
Please follow this link,
watch the video, and decide if you want to vote, like I did, to help these villagers and their beautiful endangered co-residents. If this project wins it will receive a grant of USA$20,000, if 2nd or 3rd placegetter it will receive USA$10,000 to use to further the enterprise. Any of these amounts would greatly assist the project.
Thanks for taking the time to read this and thanks in advance to any of you who place a vote for this project that helps people and animals live together.
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