11 Jul 2019

Blogging Mixup - part II!

Gee, I have to laugh or I'd stress out or cry. Blogger has decided that it won't publish my answering comments to any one.

I have a personal situation to attend to at present so  I don't have the time, or mindset, to research how to correct this via Blogger help/forums. I do appreciate those who read my blog and enjoy the comments from those who post them. I'm aware there are readers who are not blog commenters, and I've been a "fence sitter" at times, but enjoyed the information a blogger has shared.

Bear with me everyone. When I have the opportunity I'll wrangle this internet beast and persuade it to comply.

Meanwhile, I shall continue to be more consistent with my blog posts and update my blog to suit what I need it to be now.

Thanks for your patience.

RobynLouise xo.


  1. Hope you will be able to solve the commenting problem soon, Robyn.

  2. I have heard others are having problem with blogger too. Hope you can sort it out soon.