16 Jun 2017

Anonymous Posts

Over the past fortnight I have been receiving anonymous posts that either don't make sense re grammar or have dubious links attached. They are for posts that I made long ago as well.

I've marked them as spam  and deleted so apologies to anyone who has made an honest comment but has difficulty with the English language. I do have trouble with it myself at times and I've been using it as my main, and only, language for over 50 years! I've also changed the availability of access to my blog so I'm unsure if I have now made access to some of my regular followers a problem.

Please if  you would like to be a follower of this blog then don't be an anonymous commenter. I have been hacked before and it took me weeks to track down the fix for it and that involved rewriting some code. It was a big learning curve for me and a few posts vanished as they were infected. I have published the odd Anonymous comment, in the past, but it's not something I now do as it's just not worth the trouble that can follow :(.

RobynLouise XO


  1. Oh, those could be spammers if there were suspicious links. :(

  2. Robyn I am having the same trouble and it is with the post at the top of my popular posts so perhaps they target that one on blogs. I might have to consider doing the same thing as you as I am getting these spam comments every day now.

  3. They seem to come in runs, much like the scam phone calls, so if you lie low for a bit you miss their radar and then they are gone.